The Activity Zone: What You Should Know by Archie Biltcliffe and Irene GarcĂ­a Mir

What is the Activity Zone?

The Activity Zone is fundamental to how you experience your free time at the University of Surrey. Led by the full-time role of Vice-President Activity, their role is to interact with Team Surrey, encourage physical and social activity, identify activity-related issues and form a dialogue with the university. This position is supported by three part-time Activity Zone officers (PTOs), who work as a team under the VP Activity to ensure student activity is represented in the union and the university. The Team Surrey Chair is the voice of students who take part in sports clubs and is essential to create a bond between students and Team Surrey. Similarly, the Societies Exec Chair represents students who take part in non-sport societies, taking a lead role in the development of societies.

VP Activity

Gunning to lead the Activity Zone in the role of VP Activity are Riddhish Mistry, George Green and Lizzie Rodulson. All three are using their varied experiences during their time at university in order to secure your vote. If elected, Lizzie, who is currently an Activity zone PTO, aims to introduce This Girl Can ambassadors to increase female participation in sport, as well as offering First Aid training and encourage committees to appoint Welfare Officers. George's main goal is to improve the Activity Zone online by making it easier to access the SU website and the resources available to them, thereby increasing support for new committee members. Riddhish, the current Societies Chair, zeroes in on the student experience. As well as maintaining Wednesday afternoons, this candidate pledges to increase awareness of employability skills that students can gain from extra-curricular involvement.

Activity Zone Officers

There are 11 candidates for three available positions as a part-time Activity Zone Officer in this year's elections. Examining the manifestos, there seems to be certain reoccurring policies that the candidates put forward to bring about change in the zone. These include a wider social media presence to increase awareness of clubs and societies, an increased number of taster sessions throughout the academic year, closer links and collaborative events between societies and Team Surrey, as well as more charity and fundraising events. This last policy should be interesting to see develop considering the newly introduced Exec position of RAG Chair in the Community Zone.

Team Surrey Chair

This year, each of the three Team Surrey Chair candidates offer vastly different policies. Malin Schulz's 'In for the Win' campaign opts to implement monthly drop-in sessions between clubs and Team Surrey in order to increase the debate of more sensitive topics that may not be suitable to be discussed in front of other staff. Maya Altamimi, the current president of the Women's Football Club, focuses on making sport more inclusive by celebrating diversity in clubs, pledging to make Team Surrey prices clearer and to reduce the price of Team Surrey merchandise. By suggesting a removal of the stereotypes from clubs, James Radford-Flint's manifesto focuses on student welfare. The candidate promises to be a voice to students and to offer more support to committees.

Societies Exec Chair

Competition is tight for the position of Societies Chair, with Luke Harvey, Alfie Ratnamalinda, Rahul Kakaiya and Nadya Dimitrova all running. Luke aims to increase diversity among societies and increase training for student mentors to encourage society participation. Alfie hopes to bring more attention to smaller societies and bring them into the spotlight. Rahul proposes a focus on the employability skills that students gain from being part of a society. Nadya resolves to improve communication between societies and the Union and Society Standings of a higher quality.

Has any particular candidate captured your interest? You can look at their manifestos here, and be sure to tune into Question Time for a more detailed insight into each of their policies.


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