Ebola- The Deadly Virus the disease that harmed africa BY natalie ernsberger

Ebola in Africa is extremely deadly and is spread by green monkeys, fruit bats, gorillas, chimpanzees, Monkeys, Porcupines, and Forest Antelopes. The Ebola disease can be found in Sudan, Reston, Zaire, Bundibugyo and, Taï Forest (which was previously known as Ivory Coast)

Maps of Africa from different perspectives of the world

These people need to wear these suits, so they do not get contaminated by the disease.

The Green Monkey that is one of the few animals that can spread Ebola to other animals and also humans
The fruit bat who is also one of the animals that can spread the deadly disease.
Anybody can be affected by Ebola. Children, adults, and even other animals can get Ebola. This virus is extremely deadly, which is why the people who 'take care' of the people with Ebola have to wear the body suits. If people are infected with Ebola they usually have 2 to 21 days to live. Although some people have survived the virus most people do not. After the symptoms go away, which takes usually one to two weeks death would usually occur then in a few weeks.

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