My Annotated Bibliography

In this Journey log I thought that the best theme to focus on is Metacognition in talking about my trip towards conduction my research and developing my annotated bibliography. It's fun to have the opportunity to write about something that i'm actually interested in. Game of Thrones has been my favorite show for a while, yet I have never been given the opportunity to write about it. My obsession has even went as far as to complete the series of "A Song of Ice and Fire", although that was over three years ago. So it's safe to say that I am no stranger to the character of Ramsey Bolton. However, my research has played a pivotal role in bring me closer into the Game of Thrones world and especially closer to the appalling character of Ramsey Bolton.


Research is pivotal to any academic essay obviously. The more knowledge that an individual has on a topic the better. The trouble that I ran into with this particular project is finding academic sources retaining to my topic. I would never of though that finding research analysis on Ramsey Bolton from an academic source would be so difficult. In general finding information on Ramsey is not a difficult task at all, yet the sources are typically questionable. In the context of producing a cited paper at least. Due to this I didn't finish my bibliography on time. Where lack of responsibility definitely played a role. I thought that I would be able to complete this assignment in one shot. I got very caught up with other events going on during my life and did not correctly use my time management skills to say the least. Which made me quickly realize that my topic is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. I was given plenty of time and various resources to work, so there was no excuse for any of it. Yet this has all been a learning experience for me. Now I will be able to take my time and conduct better research so that I put myself into a better possession to create a great piece of work in the end. Which I am excited to continue on.

The great thing about research on topics that an individual thinks he/she already know a lot about, is that they are humbling. I found myself exposed to theories and information that I have never and probably would never have picked up on. In one of my sources the author compared Ramsey to other characters throughout the Game of Thrones world. Specifically Joffrey, which isn't really all that surprising. Before I started my research I realized that the two are very similar in their tactics but different in slight ways. My Research really put into perspective how Ramsey is really his own beast. I saw this more in respect to how Ramsey always had to fight his way up to power where for Joffrey it was simply just handed to him. I never really realized how strong and complex Ramsey Bolton was as a villain. I vaguely thought that the position that he was in allowed for growth in power. Ramsey was given almost nothing to start with however. His rise to power happened because he made it happen in his own twisted and messed up way. Every move he made, except maybe the last, was analyzed and conducted in a perfectionist manner. Ramsey is a terrible individual, yet when taking an extra step into analyzing him as an individual, it's hard to deny the fact that he is a genius. As disgusting as this sounds, after the research that I have conducted so far I cant deny the fact that I respect Ramsey more than I did before.


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