FY2016 Community Activities Overview Shiori Takei | Creative Cloud Community Mgr.

In FY2016, 5 Adobe hosted events (2 Design Jimoto/Creative Jam/MotionDesignMeetup/CreativeWorkshop) and 2 partnered events (Comic Art Tokyo/Door to Asia) were held throughout Japan and successfully reached 1,000+ local creatives in person. (Local creatives I met at non-adobe related event are not included)

Reached 1,000+ local creatives FY2016

1. Creative Jam partnering w/ Redbull + Make it on mobile Design bar in Shibuya, Tokyo

Japanese traditions were integrated into contemporary artwork based on the theme of "Do not forget your original intention" . The word is by the greatest playwright and theorist of the Japanese Art of Noh theatre, Zeami.

Japanese traditions such as calligraphy, traditional plastering etc. were integrated into the event.
  • "This is completely new Adobe!" by local designers
  • "I would love to participate as a jammer next time" by guest speakers
Street culture/ mural artist joined design competition and created dynamic artwork!
Winner of Visual category using traditional plastering technique!

2. Design Jimoto partnering w/ Digital Hollywood Design School in Fukuoka, Kyusyu

1st problem-solving design competition was held in Fukuoka

We are expecting over 20 million foreign visitors per year in Japan and Fukuoka has been called "East Door to Asia". However, the infrastructure has not been built well enough to welcome visitors. We are facing the fact that many foreign visitors have trouble recognizing a bus stop as a place where they can get on a bus.

Theme: Redesign Bus Stop

Many graphical but practical ideas came out!

Highlights: Due to the theme, "Redesign Bus Stop" which directly relates to jammers/audience's everyday life really pushed all participants to think beyond design tournament to come up with the solution.

  • "Thank you for bringing this kind of exciting design event to Fukuoka!" by design students
  • "We would love to organize next Design Jimoto on our own to continue" by local community
  • "Now we'll consider the version upgrade (currently CS6) to CC for our studio machines!" by principal of Digital Hollywood Design School

3. XD Design Jimoto partnering with Tokyu Railroad Company in Shibuya, Tokyo

Design Jimoto is a live-competition community event to solve local issue by design-led approach. Teams of 2 local designers who are assigned in advance get the theme on site and then have 3 hours to create a solution to it. One of the special rule that we added this time was to use Adobe XD to create prototype.

Shibuya is one of the most popular places in Tokyo for foreign visitors to visit. Two spots attract those visitors, Shibuya crossing & Hachi statue. Shibuya scramble crossing is known as one of the most crowded intersection in the world with over 3,000 people crossing every green-light. Hachi statue is also well known as a famous photo spot in Tokyo. However, we are facing the fact that many foreign visitors leave Shibuya after only seeing those 2 spots....

Theme: How to make foreign visitors want to spend more time in Shibuya? (Make their Shibuya experience more fun!)

Highlights: By taking advantage of Adobe XD work-in-progress share feature, we gathered the prototype links from participants during jamming competition and shared with bigger audience so that the audience can try participants' prototype anytime during the event!

  • Some jammers even played short play to show how a user experience Shibuya using their prototype app
  • "This type of social innovation event should happen more often " by guest speakers
  • "It is important that designers get involved from the planning stage so this is a great practice!" by UX designer
  • "Adobe XD could be a solution tool for communication not only among team but also among whole project team including client!" by web director

4. Adobe Creative Workshop partnering w/ Tokyo Work Design Week in Shibuya, Tokyo

We partnered with Tokyo Work Design Week which event has drawn over 10,000 attendees since it started in 3 yrs ago. Our goal here was to reach out to bigger circle of potential CC users. The workshop was well-crated by collaborating with creative leaders in Tokyo.

Highlights: Participants facial expression really brightened up during the workshop as we challenged them to come up with an ideal work-style they ever dreamed of based on the prop card prepared out of Adobe Stock. Having prop-card (unexpected element) pushed them to think outside of box and let their creativity & freedom flow.

  • "You let my heart open tonight!" by attendee
  • "Very interesting to know about creative leader's work-life-integration" by attendee
  • "Amazing how all speakers shared their failure stories for us with positive attitude. We are all human!" by attendee
  • "I'll try to believe my own star!" by attendee
  • "One of the best program we had throughout TWDW!" by TWDW organizer

5. Make it on mobile Design bar partnering w/ Comic Art Tokyo in Chiyoda, Tokyo

We partnered with graphic novel organization/publisher to showcase what could be done by Adobe mobile apps (Capture/Draw/Sketch) at community cultural space called Chiyoda 333, Chiyoda Tokyo.

Highlights: All generation attendees stopped by and enjoyed creating custom badge using our apps. We have successfully reached out to new comic art illustrators who usually don't get out of their own sub-cultural world. New collaboration ideas came out through the event.

Promotional contents of Video/Blog Report/Behance page/Livestreaming has received 30,000+ views

Differentiate event format

Taking into consideration the Japan-specific marketing reaction, I have created (tested) different type of events and differentiate each brand for specific market.

Differentiate each type of event format
  • Creative Jam: Cool event! Worldwide initiative
  • Design Jimoto: Community event to do something good for society
  • Intimate-size Meetups/Portfolio review: Invite specific people to showcase their works between them (who are all in the same industry but doesn't like to share publicly)
  • Creative workshop: Reaching out to bigger circle of potential CC users by using creativity which focuses on individual career development

What's coming next in FY2017:

  • Design Jimoto in Nara at World Heritage site partnering w/ Nara prefecture on Feb. 5th
  • Creative Residency Program Launch in Japan
  • Biggest Motion Design Meetup in Ebisu, Tokyo on Apr. 7th
  • Creative Jam in Osaka (possibly in May or June)
  • Creative Workshop in Sendai/Fukushima (Tsunami affected area) (possibly in summer)
  • And many more!

After each event, promotional contents (Behance page/Promotional Video/Creative Station Blog Report/Livestreaming of winner's talk/News letter/Local artist featured article series) were created to encourage the sharing culture in Japan and maximize the impact of in-person community event. These contents have received total of 30,000+ views.

Cross-industry partnerships throughout Japan: We partnered not only with firms/organizations in creative industry but also with non-design related industries to seek the way to scale up our community activities throughout Japan.

  • Nishi Nippon Railroad
  • Redbull
  • Digital Hollywood Design School
  • Japan Ministry of Economy
  • Japan Foundation
  • Door to Asia (Non-profit organization)
  • Tokyu Railroad company
  • Bartkira (Online Community Project)
  • Tokyo Work Design Week
  • Thirdman Studio
  • Oki data
Cross-industry approach to maximize the impact

Adobe internally:

  • Adobe Japan Marketing/Social activities support (MAX/Social event/Stock etc.)
  • Adobe Japan Marketing Offsite FY2017 Planning Competition: 1st Prize Winner (3-months long project)
  • Community events being featured in Adobe Japan Magazine called "One Adobe"
  • Adobe Remix Artists support for Adobe brand team (it'll be completed in mid-Dec.)
  • Make it on Mobile event support in NYC/Tokyo
  • Arranging local office visits when US product teams request
  • US Community team's activities support (Creative Jam LA, Honolulu/Creative Residency booth at MAX/ Twitch live-streaming with local artist)


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