A Positive Facelift For Waterloo

The two words that describes the Waterloo community is positive change. Seniors and our mayor are really positive about this community.“The most positive thing of transformation about Waterloo is mobility.” Says a majority of seniors at Luther Village. Mayor Jaworsky, the community mayor, Came in a local school named Mary Johnston public school and talked about positive change. A lot of places in the world are transforming positively. Their countries, cities and homes, just like Waterloo!


When this community has positive people, there are still depressed people. More than 1000 people attempt suicide each year, I know, surprising. But we have people who care for them, help them, show them the way. There are a lot of supporters for depression, and that can stop it, but sometimes, it’s too late… It’s too late. They might not think there are supporters, but there are. Places like Grand River hospital, St. Mary’s hospital and clinics are there to help them. Depression usually comes from stress, but from a positive input, comes a positive output.

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