THE HARN Ivan Padilla

To start off my experience at the Harn Museum Of Art I went to the the area of the museum that focused on European Prints. That was the area that the receptionist recommended for me to visit first.

This portrait is made by Honore Daumier, a french artist that lived form 1808 to 1879. The title of the work is Le Ventre Legislatif (The Legislative Belly) and is mocking the Improstituted House of France in 1834. This portrait satirizes the statue of the men and how slimy they were. While walking around this picture caught my eye due to the message it was sending. He is making fun of the fact that the politicians of his time were no good for his countries society and how these people were just lazy and corrupt. I felt like this man was trying to tell the people of his time that their government was unjust and that it needed change.
It did feel a little weird taking selfies with the pictures due to the ora the museum held. I loved the silence, it helped me focus on the art work and analyze it with great detail.

After this I stayed within the European prints section because of how much I enjoyed the work. Then I approached portraits that depicted the Shakespearean play Hamlet.

This piece of work is Eugene Delacroix's interpretation of Hamlet. There are 13 original prints, this being one of them. This specific portrait is the Death of Ophelia which was usually described in the play by Queen Gertrude in Act 4, Scene 7. Eugene's works are beautiful but this one spoke to me the most. He portrays Ophelia's death with such vulgar tragedy. She slowly losses her life as she hangs form a branch while taking her last breaths of air. His art has a strong expressionistic influence. The painting truly makes me feel the agony of the scene and properly depicts the theatrical version of Hamlet.

After walking through the European Prints portion of the museum, I then walked through the American Abstraction section. I enjoyed the works they had but nothing spoke enough to me. Then I walked to the African Collection and loved all of the artwork, the style of work was phenomenal.

This is a sculpture of the Chinese version of a native in Ghana dressed for a Fancy Dress Masquerade. I loved this piece, even thought it was not to deep, the dress is a beautiful representation of the diversity within culture. Art is the expression of feels and thoughts and this dress show how they would celebrate and party. This piece does not hold any for of expressionism because it is not trying to express an emotional stress.
This type of clothing gives me positive feelings and holds a very bright ora.Every time I look at it I am filled with happiness and can't help but smile.
They even had a video with sound to watch what the Masquerades are like today.

After the African Collection, I went through the Latin American collection. Before walking in, I thought I was going to really enjoy the work, due to my heritage. But while walking through the exhibit, I did not like many of the pieces of work they had.

To finish my experience at the HARN I ended in the Contemporary Collection exhibit.

The first piece that caught my attention was of course the giant portrait of the Guerrilla Girls. I have seen this picture before in class during our lectures. This picture is making a bold statement that when are still suppressed and that sexism is relevant today. The Guerrilla Girls formed in New York in 1985 with a goal to educated people about gender inequality and how it is still part of our every day life.

The last portrait I choose had to be my favorite.

Yvonne Jacquette, an American painter, is known for her arial portraits of night skies. This specific piece titled Motion Picture (Times Square) has a unique feel to it. Her depiction of New York's night life accurately represents the buselling city and stresses a lot on the flashy aspects of the city. She is capturing a moment where adds are going off and taxis and moving through in the city that never sleeps. Having seen New York once this portrait does feel like a cold winter night in New York where life is never calm. She is stressing the emotional aspect of the nature in New York. How the constant commotion and the constant stimulus leads to a life of stress and unease.

My experience over all at the HARN was very nice. This was my second time seeing the museum and this time around they did have some new pieces. All of the art in that museum holds its own story that is just an artist depiction of life. As a musician I will always hold a deep appreciation for all of the arts. As I grow the more I will learn about the endless world that we call ART.

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