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Here at Blue Tulip Garden Design we believe that having your garden designed should be an enjoyable process from beginning to end. We will work closely with you and guide you through the stages of the design and construction process.

Why choose Blue Tulip Garden Design?

  • We have extensive design experience, working on a wide variety of projects from small courtyards to large country gardens over the past twelve years.
  • Over the years we have built up a wealth of contacts in the landscape industry, being able to call upon numerous landscape teams of the highest quality. We help you choose the best team for your project.
  • Our experience means that we know the best nurseries to source the plants and because we work with them regularly, we have been able to secure the best trade prices that we pass on to the client.

How much does a new garden cost?

We are frequently asked this question and the obvious answer, is how long is a piece of string?

However, the rule of thumb is in the region of between £100 to £200 per m2 depending on a number of factors, from the complexity of the site (building on levels makes the cost shoot up) and how much you want in your garden (an outdoor kitchen doesn't come cheap!). We can either show you what you can have for your budget or design you the garden that you want and make appropriate revisions to either the specification or design to come within budget.

The following images demonstrate what you might expect to pay in an average sized family garden in a site with a change of level. Its a high spec design, with lots of hard landscaping elements. We also design gardens that cost less than this, as well as gardens that cost more!

This garden

Became this garden

And this is how much it cost...

How much does a design cost?

After an initial consultation, during which we discuss your requirements and view the site, we come back to you with a design fee based on the size of the plot and the complexity of the design brief. Every project is bespoke so every design fee is different.

Our minimum fee is £1,200 for a small garden with a simple design brief, and for this you would receive the full design package of design and planting plans and written specification, ready to source a landscaper.

The first step

Before we start to design we need to know as much about the site as possible. We will either survey the site ourselves or commission a surveyor if the site is large or particularly complicated.

The next step

We design in two stages. This means that have your input before the final plans are confirmed, ensuring that the finished design meets your specific needs and budget.

The initial design proposal sets out the ideas for your garden, along with a colourful mood board to give you a flavour of the finished garden. We also provide a rough budget estimate so that you can see where the costs are coming from and adapt the design according to how much you wish to spend. Our aim is to design you a garden at a cost you are happy with.

The finished design

We finalise the Master Plan based on your input at the first stage. We ask you to sign this off before we proceed to producing the following documents, all required by the landscape team to provide a full quotation and successfully build the garden:

  • Setting Out Plans - a fully dimensioned plan of the garden
  • Lighting Plan(s) - we consider the best placement of a variety of light fittings
  • Written Specification - all of the hard landscaping elements will be specified
  • Planting Plans - a suitable plant palette is selected and laid out in a plan
  • Plant Schedule - a full list of varieties and number of plants needed to complete your garden
  • Construction drawings - if required, we will design the more technical elements of the garden

During the build

Our service can stop here if you have someone in mind to build your garden or we can help you find a quality landscape team and send through to them all of the plans and written schedules to provide a quote.

appoint the landscaper

Once the landscapers have got back to us with a written quotation, a date is set for the build and we liaise with them throughout the entire process. We arrange a meeting prior to the build starting, as well as regular site visits, enough to ensure that the construction all goes to plan.

source the plants

During this time we liaise with our nursery contacts to collate the plant list at a good price, securing preferential rates that we pass directly to you. The fee we charge for this service is more than covered by the savings that you make. We arrange with the landscaper to have the plants delivered at a suitable time so they can be planted once the hard landscaping has been completed.

On our final visit we check everything is okay, before handing over your new garden for you to enjoy for many years.

Get in touch!

If you like what you see and you believe that Blue Tulip Garden Design are right for you, please give Louise a call and arrange an initial consultation (its free of charge!).

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to design a unique garden that will bring you many years of pleasure.

Call Louise on 01625 524877 and take a look at our portfolio at www.bluetulipgardendesign.co.uk

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