Ben Kramer Genius Hour Giggity

My genius hour project will be over three specific playing techniques in guitar playing, and how to use them effectively in a song. I already know a small bit about each of these three. The three things I will be playing are pinching, very fast alternate picking, and a good use of scales in a song. I will most likely be playing these in a backing track in order to improvise with these as much as i can. That way i can demonstrate these effectively and in a cool way. I still need to know more about these in order to perfect them better. i will need to practice them on a consistent basis in order to stay on top of them. i really just want to have fun with this and perhaps inspire anybody to take up an instrument or gain interest in music.

I have been practicing more of the pinching on the strings. I recently used this in my most recent show on Sunday. I also used a lot of tremolo picking or what i said, the very fast alternate picking. While these are things i always use the goal of this is to become even better at them. I have learned that the more consistent practice of these things that i do, the better i can be at them at a moments notice or just them in general. One observation i have made with pinching, is that pinching comes better when you have less of the pick under your thumb. When you have just a little to pick the string and your thumb slightly grazes the string to create the pinching sound. For tremolo picking the best way i have heard people tell me is to slowly play it and then over time increase the speed. Now i will just continue to practice these thing, don't forget to memorize my scales and keep searching for tips and advice on how to perfect these techniques.

This past week i have still been practicing these various techniques a lot. As i said, i will be playing these most likely in a backing track just to demonstrate the best use i can of them. I have progressively been getting better at the tremolo picking. Some days it's better than others, and sometimes it's horrible. My goal is to perfect it that way i won't need to worry whether it'll be bad or not. That's really just playing open as well, i need to be able to play on the board faster besides just open. The scales are really just for playing in key and where to go in a key. I'm almost to choosing my backing track song that i will practice and then present.

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