Taytum DeWitt Photography portfolio


This picture is a visually pleasing photo to look at. I used Gimp to create a new background and Polar editing to apply the difference in contrast. The contrast and highlights were very hard to find a happy medium with. The shadows were also very hard to get where I wanted them but it all came together and I like the look of it.


This photo of the flower is a very intriguing contrast of highlights. The petals of the flower use leading lines to capture the eye and take it to the center of the flower. I lowered the saturation on this picture and turned down the shadows to capture the texture of the wilted parts on the petals. I enjoy looking at this picture because it tells a story. The composition of the flower is very unique on how the picture was taken.


In this picture the colors are very vibrant and allow the brain to go on an adventure. The picture is also pleasing to look at when it meets the eye. As complicated as it looks this picture was very intriguing to take. The flowers were very beautiful on the day we took a walk. I enjoy taking pictures on the macro setting. The way the sun is setting on the flower is a good picture opportunity.

Leading Lines

This is an excellent leading lines picture is draws your attention to the stems then leads you up to the stem. I enjoy this because of the vibrant yellow. The petals are also one of my favorite things. I do feel like this was a great way to use leading lines throughout the photo. In conclusion I really like this photo.

Rule of Thirds

In this picture the rule of thirds was executed throughout this photo. I highly enjoy the vibrant red in the leaves and how the veins really pop. My eyes catch the center of the leaves. I also enjoy the way the leaves are parallel with each other. I love how the leaves lead you to follow the veins all throughout this picture and even into the background. The Rule of Thirds can be seen ⅔ of the way down the page and the focal point is the center of the stem.

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