Harn Museum of Art Thiago Campbell

Introduction: This story describes my visit to the Harn. The museum was extremely interesting and beautiful, with hundreds of art pieces on display that really impressed me.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This piece of art allowed me to appreciate just how intricate and specific the mask was designed. It's two-sided nature gives one a sense of security from both sides and makes it feel like it can defend you from two sides at once. The use of this mask in rituals and battles makes me wonder how the opposing forces feel when faced with such a formidable image, especially when the person wearing it is most likely carrying a weapon. This artwork made me think about just how creative and simultaneously dangerous war and violence can be. We have adapted a variety of new war and battle tactics, with this mask definitely being one that causes people to reel back in fright when placed against it.

Design of the Museum: The African exhibit was the most interesting to me by far. African history has always amazed and interested me, mainly due to the fact that it was always so diverse and different in every area. There were hundreds of different languages and their history focused a lot on the spiritual world. This piece of art is a masquerade that embodies the spirits of dead family members who appear at the ritual performances. The exhibit is formed in a way that gives each piece of art its own unique story and meaning, while also tying them together into a central theme of tribal warfare and spiritual ceremonies.

Art and Core Values: "Zandvoort" by Frank Stella was truly an amazing piece of work produced by this artist. His rendition of a city in the Netherlands appeals to me even though I have never been there. The twisting, almost snake-like designs of the artwork portray a confusion, possibly even outline a path. This artwork makes me think of a car racing game I used to have as a child. It brings back many fond memories and allows me to remember some of my times as a child. It makes me wonder about how most art, if not all, is inspired by personal experiences of the artists that they either witnessed or experienced firsthand.

Art and the Good Life: This artwork represents the theme of spiritual awakening in the Good Life through religious means. The Virgin of Montserrat is a revered image of the Virgin Mary in Puerto Rico. This idea of spiritual awakening is reached by many people through their following of a religion and forming their beliefs around it. While I am personally not a religious person, I can see how this theme of religion can allow many to achieve spiritual awakening within themselves. The Virgin Mary is a symbol of hope and love for many people, and she has a lasting impact on anyone who knows about her and her plight.

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