One Cup At A Time the story of starbucks

From the 1st small cup of coffee served at the original Starbucks in downtown Seattle, to the billions of dollars that the company has racked up over the 28 years since the company was founded in 1984. How did Starbucks get there?

Schultz tried to make the company coast to coast, he was turned down at first. It took some convincing but he soon got what he wanted. He got his first store in 1984, it was a 400sf room.

Today, there is over 21,000 Starbucks in the world racking up a little over $16 Billion sense it was founded in 1984.

There was a rumor that Starbucks was done with expanding to new places like Italy, because Starbucks had temporarily shut down 7,100 stores so that they could focus more on putting Starbucks where it would make the most money.

In other words Schultz stopped opening stores instead, he has placed stores where they economically made more sense.


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