YouTube by dan kravchenko

YouTube itself ;YouTube is a type of social media that many people use. It was designed for people to share videos and gain popularity out of them. Although the YouTube creators at first designed this program for online dating through video they quickly realized that being able to post anything your interested in is the way to go. YouTube is now the second most popular website right before google chrome. Like any others website youtube has guidelines such as no harrasment or cyber bullying, Respect the youtube community, no inapropiate content like , nudity, violents,copyright, no spam,no misleading content and no threats. Although youtube is great it does have a lot of flaus in there copyright system because many people misuse their privilege and ruin fair use. Over the recent years youtube has been going a little downhill due to their rule change.

Youtubers/creators ;The first ever "big" youtuber was Fred, fred was a character played by a boy by the name of Lucas Crukishank and he was the first youtuber to reach 1million subs. As youtube has grown so have its users , youtubers such as pewdiepie, smosh, Ryan HigaTV, and Jenna Marbles have gotten millions of subscribers and views due to the interesting content. YouTube see's these youtubers grow and decides to make a program called adsence witch allows youtubers to monetize or "put ads" on there videos, and the youtubers get paid for doing that, the more views the more money from the video. Youtubers now use youtube as a full time job but its not enough money to keep them going so they do a thing called partnership which means people partner with a company, the company sponsors them, then the sponsor pays the youtuber to advertise their product.Most YouTubers are now millionaires for making great videos and entertain people. I personally have made and an adsence account and have made only 19 cents, so if yout gonna do youtube for the money it is not worth it . From 1000 views u should get 2-3 dollars with adsence. Most people think youtube is a very easy job but that not true, making videos every day and editing for hours straight is very difficult. As youtubers grow there editing gets a lot more complicated. Nowadays most youtubers are now film makers and now and go to film making colleges, there they study animation film. Now that so many people make videos cameras have gotten way better and more expensive, Cameras like the canon 80d and sony alpha E are some of the best cameras that you could buy and they reach up to 2000$ dollars, other cameras like point and shoots cost about 700 dollars for a decent one.

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