When the Day Met the Night A love story

The moon was rather lonely in the peaceful night sky. She shared whispers with the stars, but her twinkling friends could not feel the craters in her heart.

One night the moon stayed up longer than expected and caught a gimp of the most glorious star it had ever seen; bright with fire and passion.

She lingered even longer, entranced by the beauty of the sun, and already tragically in love. She softly watched until her shift in the wide sky ended.

The sun never saw her coming, but when it happened, when the day met the night, all was golden, all was right.

All was golden...

All was right.

The End


Created with images by a5452886 - "artistic conception moon sun" • rkarkowski - "moon the fullness of sky" • Corsica_JP - "sunrise" • AmberAvalona - "moon clouds sky" • Doinkster - "eclipse sun solar eclipse" • Buddy_Nath - "solar eclipse sun flare"

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