Third Grade Red ribbon week

Red Ribbon Week

Assembly Fun!

During Red Ribbon Week we talked about being healthy and taking care of our bodies. We came up with some slogans such as:

Ready to say Boo to drugs!
Row row row your boat, No drugs for me! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily then you'll be clean.

We went to the school pep rally and where we continued to show our red ribbon pride this week.

Editing phase, reading to our square
We had quite a few number talks this week working on the bar model, determining the parts and whole of problems. Ask Enzo about his movie problem!

Questions to ask your third grader

  • Who is Saint Jude?
  • You are making ramps in Science and STEM? Tell me about that! Why are you making 2 ramps?
  • What’s a martyr? Do you know a saint who was a martyr?
  • What landform(s) would you want to live by? Why?
  • What new book did you read this week? What type of folktale was it?
  • What’s editing?
  • You made a preposition project! TelL me about it! But what is a preposition?

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