people judement based on apperance

" when i woke up from the light of the yellow mon through my bedroom i opened my eyes and saw it" pg. 24

this qoute goes to the theme i picked is by people only judge people and thing by the way it look when Victor made the monster and when it woke up it was ugly and he didnt like it and ran away

" after the lighting flashed again i knew it wasnt a mistake after i saw it body and ugly face" pg. 29

this qoute relates to the qoute is by Victor knowing that he saw the monster and how ugly it was in the rain.

"he saw a man after i came near him he runned away from me i didnt know i was so ugly" pg.36

the quote relates to the theme is by the mean was scared of the monster and how it looked

" your my creator and u made me ugly and horrible" pg.41

this qoute relates to the theme is by the monster talking to Victor and telling him why he is doing the bad and horrible thing around him

" i couldnt find the words to tell how ugly and horrible it was that was standing over Victor dead body" pg. 69-70

the qoute relates to the themeis by Walton saying he didnt know what to say after he saw the monster

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