Touching Spirit Bear By:Ben MIkaelsen

Overall area is Alaska, I would imagine Alaska would be cold all the time. Also see a lot of salmon fish there and mountains of snow.
Alaska southeast to village of Drake, and Minneapolis. Stream of fresh water and a little shack. And heavy seas in Alaska,Detention center a jail type setting.
It takes time during September and I think it takes place during modern. Times because of Cole going to juvenile detention and of a tv. I would imagine it starting to get cold in Minneapolis because of September getting in to winter season.
The weather is very cold, the weather makes me feel frosty. Also freezing in the snow, i would imagine it to be lost of snow everywhere and frozen lakes.
It would be a crowed city because Cole lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. Which that area has a bigger population than other cities near by. I think to describe and imagine the people, that they don't like Cole at all of what he did.
On page 4, Cole had to reverse his blue jeans, heavy wool shirt, and rain jacket. For two weeks To show his banishment and humility and shame.
The overall mood is anger, and violence because on page 7. when Cole robbed a hardware store and when He attacked peter outside of school in the parking lot.
The setting affects the story by Cole getting more angry because he has to go to live in isolation for one year in Alaska. This setting contributes by Cole going to the circle of justice to work things our between peter and Cole.



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