Deconstruction of a Camera By Samantha Aseoff

The casing

The casingĀ“s main purpose is to protect the camera from damage. It also provides information for shipping and selling. It also prevents sunlight from getting in.

The Shutter

No light gets into the shutter. This is because if the film is exposed to any light before the pictures are take then it will be destroyed. The shutter controls how long the film is exposed to light.

The lens

The lens is a curved piece of glass or plastic that redirects beams of light bouncing off ann objects to form an image.

The film

The film is a light sensitive emulsion on a plastic base. Light reflected off the objects comes through the lens and hits the emulsion, the part of the film that allows it to record images.

The Flash Circuit

Its main purpose is to make a short flash of light when the shutter is released. This solves the problem of lack of light.

The Gas Discharge Tube

This is a tube filled with xenon gas and it has electronodes and a metal trigger plate. This is to conduct on an electrical current by moving electrons from one to the other.


Created with images by adkorte - "Minolta Camera SLR / Minolta Spiegelreflexkamera"

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