Workshops: Interactions Assignment By Christopher Shaw

A photo of Projection mapping in action.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the wondrous technology that uses, projectors to create interactive displays on all surfaces such as walls floors and tables. Projection mapping at the moment, is a tool that is mainly used in events for new years and other large events. They are also used within amusement parks, for example Disney world use projection mapping for their toy story ride, combined with the use of animatronics to create a life size version of buzz lightyear.

My thoughts on projection mapping are positive ones. projection mapping and be a fun source of entertainment if you own a personal projector, it can also be a viable source of income, if you have the technical know how and the equipment to use it. meaning it can be a bit of an expensive hobby, I think projection mapping might be a bit for out reach for mass use by the public since this technology is quite expensive hardware wise. currently there a a few free apps available for the use of projection mapping on your phone, although this is great the problem still comes with owning a personal projector that could cost you between £200 - £400

I think there is defiantly some potential with projection mapping, Right not i think this is the closest thing we have towards holograms so it is worth looking into for future development. one idea i have for projection mapping, is using it through skype. For example when you skype with some one how lives across the world, you could potential project there image onto a mannequin of sorts, that tracks their movement, it would be fully intractable, and i think its possible with some further study of projection mapping.

Picture of Projection mapping software in action

virtual Reality and augmented Reality

Photo of HTC vive in action

Virtual reality is the workshop i had the most fun in, i'm particularly interested in VR and i want to see how far this technology can be pushed. Virtual reality is when you step into another world, comprised of data, a virtual environment, where everything is intractable by the player, through the use of headsets like oculus rift and the Vive. Augmented reality is when virtual objects or beings are brought into our "world" which can only be seen by using some kind of hand held device. one of the prime examples of this is the recent Pokemon GO.

I am very excited for the future of this technology, and I cant wait to see what direction this technology will take us although it is still rather experimental as of this moment. I think one of the problems with virtual reality at the moment is that it is extremely expensive, almost unobtainable unless your earning alot of money which is very unfortunate. another fault with the HTC vive is that it uses inferred sensors that have to be placed in a room, which can make it rather awkward to maneuver in your room.

i can see this technology been used in the future of gaming, most definitely. A few ideas i have had in particular, Is having a arcade of sorts for virtual reality gaming, say for example if you played a first person shooter game, you would be put into a virtual environment with other local players, without having to use such things like Nerf guns or paintball guns. the rooms would also be laid out with object a kin to the virtual space. another idea I had was using VR for watching films, where you are put into the shoes of the main hero, and experience the thriller of the movie itself, you also get to shape how the movie played out through certain choices and actions you made, its very much a mix between gaming and film, i think it makes for an interesting concept.

Leap in action

Arduino Boards

Arduino boards are an interesting tool, I don't particularly enjoy arduino boards very much, but experimenting with hardware was definitely interesting. Arduino boards are safe to use circuit boards, that anyone can use to make a small circuit to light a LED, make and alarm or a digital display to bigger intricate designs.

Arduino circuit board

I'm not particularly interested in arduion boards but i think its a very interesting medium, and i was quiet surprised with the amount have stuff you could rig together with just a battery and a few wires. i was quite surprised when i saw one of my class mates make a remote control car with a wireless controller, I think that's quiet amazing considering the scale and size of these boards. I think i'd be interested in trying more of this stuff in the future.

Arduino boards are very much already used in today's society, most machines are comprised of circuit boards so there isn't much difference. I cant think of big major developments that can be used with arduino boards; but I can see some technology becoming small and more accessible with the use of arduino boards, arduino already has its on operating system raspberry pie, whats stopping it from adventuring into the development of its own handheld device?

The wireless car built in workshop
arduino computer monitor
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