Chinua Achebe group: Esmeralda d. kelley m. jessenia r. nidian n. leticia G.

Born Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe and later nicknamed Chinua Achebe for short was born in Nigeria on November 16 1930.
Although Achebe is most widely know for being the author for his first novel "Things Fall Apart". He was also a poet, Professor of African Studies and a known critic.
Chinua was raised in a town named Ogidi. From the very beginning of his early life Achebe was proven to be extremely intelligent. So smart in-fact, he even manged to win a scholarship to study medicine.
The reason for Chinua success with his first novel "things Fall Apart" was because of the exposure of the African culture to the world that at the time, was mostly unheard of. Chinua persistent and bold move to have his novel published was a statement that inspired himself and may others to come.

His novel is now widely regard to be one of the most important books in African Literature. He himself is also holds the title of "most translated African writer of all time" having his book translated into 50 languages. "Things Fall Apart" has also sold over 12 million copies world wide!

with his success on "Things Fall Apart" chinua went on to write 4 other novels, 8 short stories, 6 poems and 4 children's books. Chinua is still considered one of the most legendary African writers of all time with is progression in the expolsure of the African culture
Chinua Achebe died on March 21, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts at the age of 82. Although he is gone Achebe still manages to leave an inpirnt on African children today with the readings of "things fall apart" in their school life. Chinua Achebe will not only be remembered for his inpiring novels but for the intelligent and bold African man he was.


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