Albert Einstein A Genius


Many people think Albert Einstein as the one responsible for creating the Atomic bomb, but he is not directly responsible for the making of the Atomic Bomb. He even opposed using it to attack Japan. Einstein is also famous for his five papers he wrote on Brownian's Motion, relativity, and the relationship between matter and energy.

Early Life

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. Later when Einstein was one year old, hi family moved to Munich, Germany. His parents are Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch.

When Albert Einstein was a going to be named, the name was going to be Abraham, but his parents decided to stick with a more German name of Albert. In the 1700's many European countries discriminated against Jews, but starting in the 1800's some countries like Germany became more welcoming. Hermann And his Brother Jakob owned a gas and electricity. Pauline's father became a wealthy grain dealer. Einstein did not speak until the age of

Einstein excelled at mathematics and science, but had problems in language arts. Albert Einstein learned a different ay then what was taught during that time. teachers expected students to memorize everything. At the age of six, his mother sent him to a Catholic school, even though he was a Jew. Kids at that school laughed and teased him because he was Jewish. The teachers were nice to him and treated him like any other student at the school.

At age nine, his mother sent him to a Jewish school. After he learned the faith of his people, he became deeply devoted to the religion. Albert Einstein also enjoyed music, he began taking violin lessons at an early age. One Einsteins favorite composer is Mozart. He continued to enjoy the violin through out his life.

During High School, Einstein was rebellious, he often reply answers with sarcastic remarks. One of the teachers suggested that Einstein leave the school. When Albert Einstein was sixteen years old, he complied to the teachers request and left the school. Later, because of business issues, his parents moved to Milan, Italy. There he was gets ready for exam into Polytechnic.

Student Years

Although Einstein was not at school, he continued with his studies and other leisure activities he enjoyed in Italy. He liked to visit the museums in Italy that contained bountiful amounts of art. Einstein ignored many subjects that required memorization like history, he was so into science that he failed the Polytechnic entrance exam. Because he did so well in the science and math sections in his exams, a professor called Heinrich Weber allowed him to attend his physics lectures. As normal, Einstein did not follow all of the professors instructions, Einstein enjoyed doing things his way. Einstein lived with the Winteler's house, Marie Winteler became Einsteins first girlfriend.

Albert Einstein sometimes cut class to study what he thought was more important then what the professor was going to talk about. One field of science that Einstein often cut classes to go study was electromagnetic fields. On Einstein's spare time, he would go attend musical parties or concerts, he also joined a informal gathering of the Swiss Brach to talk about politics and express liberal ides.

After graduating from Polytechnic, Einstein had a hard time finding work. In 1902, hi friend Marcel Grossmann found him a job as a civil servant in Swiss Patent office in Bern. The boss in of the patent office dislike Einstein, so Einstein doubt that he would become a full time employ. Einstein and his friends Maurice Solvine and Conrad Habict joined Einstein in forming group called the Olympia Academy. They would meet to discuss books they read about in the fields of science and math. Albert Einstein also joined with other friends to talk about other things like Newton's Law of motion, Brownian's motion, and other theories and formulas that Einstein were amazed in.

Adult life

In 1902, Albert Einstein's father became ill. Before Hermann Einstein died, he agave consent for Albert Einstein to marry Mileva. Einstein felt that he was no close enough to his dad. At their wedding, no one attended but the Olympia academy. At first it was a happy marriage, but the happiness slowly faded away. Mileva spent her time doing household chores and had no time in science. After all, Einstein married Mileva for her love of science. Mileva and Einstein had a child in 1904 called Hans.

Einstein's Discoveries

Einstein's goal was to find how atoms and molecules worked by explaining through theories. n 1905, Einstein wrote five papers about light, molecules, and concepts of relativity. The five papers took him months to complete. In March of 1905, experiments showed light was a steady wave, Max Plank, another scientist, thought that light waves are not a steady flow. Max Plank wrote papers that Einstein took seriously, unlike other scientist who just ignored them or thought they were useless.

Einstein's first two papers were written April and May, they dealt with molecules and how they react with certain objects of matter. This showed how even in still water, particles are still moving. Food coloring in still water will continue to spread because of Brownian Motion, even when the water is still.

Albert Einstein's third paper was about Relativity, this was published near the end of 1905. Relativity dealt with space, time, and motion. For example, if a person was on a fast moving bus and guested they length of the of the bus, they would guess more then a person who took a photo from outside the moving bus and guested the length. The measurement is changed because of relativity. Einstein's theory said that everyone would experience the same or relative thing if they were at the same constant speed; unlike if the people were at different constant speed, they would experience things differently.

Albert Einstein's fourth paper talked about light speed. Light speed is constant, because they are not slowed down by time. In science, light speed is shown as a c, because it is a constant speed. The speed of light does not change unlike other objects. Physicists George Fitzgerald and Hendrik Antoon Lorentz said different, they backed it up with mathematical formulas. Scientist ignored this because it opposed Newton's theory. Einstein agreed with the scientist, but the part where light can change. Einstein thought that light changes time and space, not the other way around.

Einstein's last paper is one of his most famous accomplishments. His last paper was about how relativity effect mass and energy. According to the conservation of energy, energy is never loss, but it is converted into something else. Einstein wrote equations to show that mass and energy are the same thing. This became the formula Energy=Mass multiplied by energy, squared.

End of Albert Einstein's life

Einstein traveled a lot to science conventions around the world, this weakened his relationship with Mileva. After moving to Berlin, Einstein and Mileva left each other. During this time, the world was staring to start World War I. Anti-semitism started again in Germany. Einstein disfavor the war, he said that patriotism kills to many people, he hoped that the Allies would defeat Germany. Because of war, traveling across Europe was hard, so Einstein had little contact with his son.

After World War I, Germany was left with no power and economy wealth. A new leader called Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for the cause of poverty and economic failure. The Nazi targeted Einstein because he openly criticized Germany's Military. After the divorce of Mileva in 1909, Einstein married Elsa Einstein. Einstein and Elsa Einstein went on a trip to Japan, Albert Einstein said that the Japanese were one of the most pleasant people he ever meet.

Einstein had to flee to American after the Nazi gain complete power, Hitler had started treating Jews and other minorities in bad ways. Einstein first moved to Belgium to escape the Nazi, but they had started WW II, so most European countries were conquered and controlled by the Nazi's. Einstein's last escape place as America, he went to Princeton, New, Jersey to live. In America, Einstein could wear more casual clothes and enjoy the friendliness of neighbors.

In New Jersey, Einstein wanted to resolve controversy on the ideas of quantum theorist Niels Borh and Werner Heinsberg. These theorist believed that scientist can only know the results of their experiments. Some scientist thought that by bombarding a certain type of uranium with neutrons. Near the end of WW II, there were rumors that they Germans would split the atom that might make a bomb the cause mass destruction. Einstein's friend told him he had to find a friend to hide the uranium from the Germans if they were to split the atom. The head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover thought Einstein was a communist. The American Manhattan project of building the Atomic bomb was almost done. Einstein ask Roosevelt not to use the bomb on Japan, but he ignored him. After the war, Einstein was branded as a traitor and spy to the American people. Einstein died of natural causes at the age 76 on April 19, 1995.

Bio Poem


Determined, intelligent, resilient, educated

Husband of Mileva Maria and then Elsa Einstein, father of Lieserl , Hans Albert, and Eduard Einstein

Who loved how atoms, motion, and how the theory of relativity works

Who felt wanted to prove the world, disliked the use of the atomic bomb, feared of getting disowned by the science world.

Who feared that the mysteries of the universe would be undiscovered, that no one will believe him, and that he wouldn't be considered a scientist

Who proved to everyone that atoms had power even though they are very small

Who wanted to see that the power of the atoms proven, the world to be shocked by his brilliance

Born in Ulm, Germany, Aarau Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland; Bern, Switzerland; Prague, Czech, Republic; Berlin, Germany; died in Princeton, New York


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. " -Albert Einstein
"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein
"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters." -Albert Einstein


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