Religions from around the world

Christianity- On the first day i fly into Jerusalem and visit the Church of Holy Sepulchre. As this is the holiest place for Catholics and Orthodox Christians can go. This also marks the sight of Jesus' crucifixion, burial, and Resurrection. This Church was very impressive and old it had great architecture it looked like it was worked on for a long time. On day 2: I will stay in Jerusalem and see the Western Wall it is the only wall still standing around the Temple Mount. It is a very large wall that is very impressive on how long it probably took to stack and make it. On day 3: I will visit Mount Zion which is still in Jerusalem which is a hill just outside the old city near the Temple. It is a hill with great significance to Christianity because it is where David build a Citadel. On day 4: I will visit Mount Olives in Jerusalem. It is to the Mount of Olives that Jesus came after his resurrection and from there that he rose to the sky after 40 days of being in the Holy land. This is just a Mount of Olives but has great significance. On day 5: I will visit the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem old city. This is where Jesus walked to his Crucifixion. This is a very historic street.

This are two very historic places in Jerusalem. The right is Temple Mount and the left is the Western Wall.

Judaism- I will be in Jerusalem again and the first day I will be visiting the Dome of the rock. Ir is the shinny structure on top of the Temple Mount. It is very impressive how it was made all the way back in 691 AD. On the second day I am going to stay in Jerusalem and go to see the men playing at the wall. It was very interesting to see all of these Jewish men praying in front of this wall to show there beliefs and traditions. On the third day I will be going back to the wall and looking at the praying notes in the wall that people put there to pray with. This is a very interesting thing that has been around for a while. On day four I will be going in the Western Walls Tunnel and see ll the tunnels built in ancient times in Jerusalem to travel in. On day five I will be visiting the Tower of David in Jerusalem it is where 2,000 years of history has been made and this was built as a Citadel a long time ago. That night there was a brilliant light show there. This Tower has Jerusalem most historic history.

The tower on the left is the Tower of David and on the right is the wall the men pray at (Western Wall).

Islam- On the first day i am going to the historic city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia the same time as the huge pilgrimage is to this holy Islamic city which was the birth place of Mohammad and it is amazing to see all these people here at the same time. On the second day i will be traveling in a plane to Palestine to see the many Islamic sites their. On day three we are in Palestine visiting the many but the main on is the Al Aqsa Mosque which is a very holy spot for the Sunni Islams. This is a structure made of all stone and is very cool looking. On the fourth day it is another travel day to India to see and visit the Taj Mahal. On the fifth day we finally arrived and are see the Taj Mahal it is amazing it is a huge structure perfectly made there are no words to describe it it is amazing. The Taj Mahal represents a historic sight to the Islamic religion.

On the left is the Taj Mahal and on the right is the gathering of the many Islamic people in Mecca.

Hinduism- I am going to start in South India and visit the city of thousand Temples with many large Temples and a lot of small ones. This is a all in the city of Kanchipuram and the temples here have great history to the Hinduism culture. The Temples have great arcitecture and was hand crafted to perfection which was very imprssive expecially the little I view the brilliant temple of Bantei Syer which I learned was one of the only temples that was not built for a king. On day three I stayed in Cambodia and view the Anghor Wat which was huge and had great arcitecture with the whole thing being hand carved to perfection. This is a very historic site to the Hinduism religion and is also the biggest single temple in the world. On day four I will be flying to Indonesia to visit some more temples.On day five i will visit the most impressive temple yet and it is made out of pure stone and is a brilliant stucture. This is in Yogyakarta and is massive group of temples and this has three main temples dedicated to Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva and was built around 850AD by the Mataram Kingdom, rulers of central Java. This trip to all the Temples was very educational and a good experience.

These are both Hindu Temples.

Buddhism- On day one I will be in India visiting the Mahabodhi temple which is where Budda has have attained enlightment. This is one of the Buddhisms pilgramige sites and it is a very impressive temple. On day two I started my day traveling across India and ended it by visiting the Dhamek Stupa, which is the place they would burry people with them sitting staright up. It teaches you a lot about the culture and the buril routines of the Buddhism religion and it is very interesting. On day three I will be traveling across India again to visit the death place of Budda the founder of Buddhism which is the Parinirvana Stupa at Kushinnagar, India. This is a very important spot for people of the Buddist religion to visit. Next, on day 4 I will be traveling to nepal by car so the whole day i will be in a car traveling. On day five I will be visiting the birthplace of Budda which is in Nepal. The birthplace of Budda is very important that people of the Buddhism religion come visit Lumbini, Nepal. This was a very educational trip about the Buddhism religion.

On the left is Budda that people will keep in there house of where they want to and on the right is a Buddist temple.


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