Jackson's Summer Internship Initiative Parents for Public Schools of Jackson E3 Program

2016-2017 extension year activities

Each summer since 2014, Parents for Public Schools of Jackson (PPSJ) has facilitated Jackson's Summer Internship Initiative known as E3 which stands for "Engage, Enlighten, Employ." In years one and two of the program, students were recruited from all high schools in Jackson Public Schools (JPS). In year three, the program recruited the majority of its participants from the inaugural Freshman Academy class of August 2014 from Lanier High School. In summer 2016, sixty-three JPS scholars completed the program.

Because this is a paid internship program, PPSJ accepts students - ages 16 to 19 - who are serious about exploring college-readiness and career-readiness opportunities, as well as developing soft skills in leadership, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. During the 34-day summer experience, students engage a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience. The program:

• Provides an engaging internship experience in the students’ career interests during which participants can learn and observe employability and technical skills.
• Guides participants in the development of a capstone project that is two-fold: development of a personal opportunity plan and the delivery of a three-minute presentation for the final program activity that is designed to highlight enhancements in the students’ academic skills, employability skills, and technical skills.
• Provides information regarding health and wellness as it relates to students in under-served communities and steps that students can access for their personal well-being.

The program begins each summer with the intent to ensure that every student fulfills the requirements of the program. To that end, students are assigned an internship coach in order to provide one-on-one support and guidance. Throughout the program’s history, the students’ ability to complete the rigorous and intense regimen of activities in E3 also has been strengthened by internship mentors from more than 55 businesses and nonprofits who share valuable on-the-job expertise and wisdom.

Parents, interns, and staff members attend an informational session at the Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO, A Human and Civil Rights Educational Center.

Dr. Earl Watkins, Consulting Partner, Parents for Public Schools of Jackson, addresses the parents of the interns during an informational session for the E3 Program at the Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO.
Coach Jennifer Lewis addresses E3 parents at COFO.
Coach Bridget Townsend shares information about the ongoing processes of the E3 program.
Keith Lamont McMillian, Director of Development and Training, KLM Consulting Corps, Inc., and Program Manager of The Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO talks about E3 and the transferable skills that interns will learn during this entrepreneurship program.

Parents and interns attend an informational session at the M.W. Stringer Lodge, home of the Mississippi State Conference of the NAACP.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation approved an extension of E3 activities until March 2017, and this extension allows more 2016-2017 Juniors at Lanier High School to participate. While the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson continues to serve as the grantee and the fiscal agent for this year's grant, Parents for Public Schools of Jackson also continues in its capacity as the facilitator and director of E3. The approval from the Kellogg Foundation was contingent upon providing career-related opportunities that expand students’ interests and strengthen their career preparation. PPSJ is pleased that more than 55 students are participating in the extension year activities.

Extension Year Work Sessions

Real Colors Interactive Workshop featuring Myron Franklin

Real Colors is a fun, interactive workshop that is designed to provide participants with skills to understanding human behavior through personality typing. E3 incorporated this activity during the extension year to help students address social/emotional conflict among students.

Myron Franklin, Trainer for Real Colors, guides interns through an interactive, Real Colors Workshop.
While presenting awards during an informational session, Mr. Garry gives an overview of the interactive Real Colors Workshop and explains how it helped him to understand the personalities of others.
Coach Lewis presents Real Color awards to interns who completed the interactive workshop.

The extension year work sessions include a Capstone Project: Business Plan Development. In partnership with KLM Consulting Corps, Inc., E3 allows participants the opportunity to network with local business leaders, create jobs, and pitch their own businesses. Collaboration with businesses and government provides mentoring and real-world leadership opportunities. The program covers five business areas including: Entrepreneurship 101, Writing A Business Plan, Marketing for Small Business, Kick-starting your Business with Crowdsourcing, and Branding: Creating and Managing a Corporate Brand.

Entrepreneurship 101 featuring Timothy Lampkin

E3 Interns share business ideas with their peers.

Timothy Lampkin, CEO of Lampkin Consulting Group, LLC., and CEO/Co-Founder of Higher Purpose Company, a social enterprise designed to connect, inspire, and educate entrepreneurs and changemakers living in rural communities.

Timothy Lampkin answers questions about entrepreneurship.

Writing a Business Plan featuring Candanise Courtney
Candanise Courtney, Business Counselor, JSU-Small Business Development Center, shares tips on starting and succeeding in business.

Interns develop a SWOT Analysis for their product, The Umber-Coat.

Marketing for Small Business featuring Rickey Thigpen

Rickey Thigpen, Executive Vice President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, explains how to apply tools and strategies to create a marketing plan that supports the growth of small businesses.

E3 Intern shares his Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the business he has helped to develop.

Special Guest: Sheena Allen, founder of Sheena Allen Apps
Sheena Allen, founder and CEO of mobile application company, Sheena Allen Apps

Sheena Allen explains the process of developing a app.

Interns chart out the flow for the development of an app for their business.

Interns continue to develop the flow of an app for their proposed business.
Funding to KickStart Your Business featuring Keith Richardson

Keith Richardson, Owner/Operator of Sneaker Boutique, explains how to raise money online using effective crowdsourcing techniques.

Keith Richardson shows examples of effective crowdfunding campaigns.
Branding: Creating and Managing a Corporate Brand Featuring Kris Campbell (thekriscampbell)

Kristopher Campbell, young entrepreneur, branded as The Kris Campbell, explains to E3 Interns that branding begins with who they are.

Jazmine Lofton, also known as DJ Four Point Ohh, encourags E3 Interns to stay focused and never give up on their dreams.

Interns share their mission statements after a powerful, engaging session with Kris Campbell.

After presentations were made, Kris Campbell and company awarded "#Fluent" t-shirts to the top two businesses.

The video below is a brief highlight of the Branding 101 session with Kris Campbell.

Career Learning Site visits

December 2016 - January 2017

Parents For Public Schools of Jackson E3 Program

Through a partnership with KLM Consulting Corps, Inc., E3 prepared career learning site visits focusing on the following:

Business, Tourism & Economic Development

Yolanda Moore, Relations Manager, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau, executes a exercise with students, teaching them how to quantify economic impact for events held in Jackson. Groups were created and provided statistics on events in which each team calculated local estimated economic impact of each event.

Yolanda Moore led discussions regarding the importance of good communication skills and customer service when working in the tourism industry.

Rickey Thigpen explains how tourism impacts the city of Jackson.

Tim Mennifield, Food / Beverage & Catering Manager at the Jackson Convention Complex, describes multiple skills needed to operate a 300,000 square foot flexible meeting space and to be successful in a demanding tourism industry.

Andy Nesenson, General Manager at Iron Horse Grille, talks to students about the passion needed to be successful in the restaurant business. In this picture, Nesenson shares his personal experiences while also expounding on the experiences of the Chefs; He further reiterates the power of their shared vision and committed business partnership.

Chef Pierre, Iron Horse Grille, explains how he became a chef and talks about his passion for service in the industry.

E3 Interns enjoy a full lunch at Iron Horse Grille.

Pam Junior, Director of the Smith Robertson Museum & Cultural Center, shares personal information about her entry into the museum business and the importance of cultivating history. She further talks about a personal sense of accomplishment that comes with the opportunity to share passionate history with those from all over the world. She also names several areas of expertise that is needed in the museum industry.

E3 Interns along with Coach Lewis and Pam Junior, Director, pose on the front steps of the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center.

Marcus Center, Assistant General Manager, Drury Inn, gives overview of the hotel industry. During this discussion, he informs the interns of the different careers available while also sharing information about some behind the scene business operations.

Rickey Thigpen and Minnie Watson, Director of the Medger Evers Historic Home, shares the unique careers associated with managing and operating a historic home museum. Minnie Watson talks about the history of the home and the extensive preservation work that is required to continue to make the home accessible to the public. She also shares plans for the National Park Service to take possession of the home and the value that transition will mean to the historic home, the local community, and Jackson’s tourism industry.

Minnie Watson, Director of the Medgar Evers Home and Museum, shares with E3 Interns (Medical and Healthcare group), the historical significance of the Medgar Evers Home and its origin.

E3 Interns raise hands to ask questions about the legacy of Medgar Evers.

E3 Interns pose inside of the Medgar Evers Home and Museum after learning about the Life and Legacy of Medgar Evers and his contribution to Mississippi Civil Rights history.

Engineering and Technology

Neel - Schaffer Engineering

Hibbet Neel, CEO of Neel-Schaffer Engineering, welcomes E3 Interns.

Jonathan Kiser, Transportation/ Traffic Manager, explains the different career fields available in engineering.

Xan Cutliff, Structural Engineer, shows how to calculate "beam deflection" using a visual aid.

E3 Interns receive hands-on practical experience about "Beam Deflection" and how changing the position of bridge material can increase weight capacity.

Ken McBeth, Senior Structural Engineer

Cindy Rich, Mississippi Structural Manager, talks about the Mississippi River Bridge Project in Greenville, MS.

Ken McBeth, Stephanie Vivians, Senior Transportation Engineer, and Hibbet Neel open the floor for questioning.


Customer Inspired

E3 Interns are welcomed to the CSpire Conference Hall.

Kameron Ball, Senior Manager, Education and Government, explains how the Network Operations Center is the nucleus of CSpire while E3 Interns attentively listen in the CSpire Conference Hall.

This fiber demonstration board is used for training and display purposes. The board shows examples of multiple types and sizes of fiber optic cables, along with various connectors, marking poles, and proper industry labeling standards used by CSpire.

Alan Jones, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Development (standing) explains how CSpire uses multiple types of fiber optic cables to bring the best in wireless service to consumers.

Rob Rubinoff, Product Manager, Home Services and Kameron Ball, Senior Manager, Education and Government join the engineering and technology E3 Interns.

Medical and Healthcare

University of Mississippi Medical Center

E3 Interns listen attentively as Gaarmel Funches, D.HEd, Community Education, explains the process of becoming a student in the medical profession.

Gaarmel Funches, D.HEd, Community Education

LaFreda Sias, Project Manager, UMMC Office of Academic Affairs, explains that customer service skills and people skills are important for incoming medical students.

Johnathan L. Simmons, Administrative Assistant/ Program Coordinator, University of Mississippi Medical Center, shares the importance of registering for the ACT early and preparing to make a high score. He explained that higher scores on the ACT will provide more options for medical programs.

The E3 Medical and Healthcare Interns are welcomed to the UMMC Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab.

Eloise Lopez, MSN, BC, Instructor, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, shows E3 Interns how to properly draw blood and start an IV for a patient.

E3 Interns receive hands-on experience inserting an IV into a simulated patient's arm.

E3 Intern, Rayanna Thomas, draws blood from a simulated patient's arm in the UMMC Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab.

Cuanna Robinson draws blood from a simulated patient's arm in the UMMC Clinical Skills Simulation Lab.

Robyn McSorley, Ph.D., RN, Director of Clinical Skills and Simulation Center School of Nursing, UMMC, shows E3 Interns how to check the pulse of a patient. She stresses to only use the two fingers and not the thumb because the thumb has a pulse of its own.

Interns learn how to use a stethoscope to determine many ailments by knowing and understanding the different sounds in the chest of a patient.

Marlie Lawrence, BSN, RN, Instructor, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, provides E3 Interns hands-on instruction on how to resuscitate a baby.

E3 Intern listens to the heatbeat and breathing pattern of a newborn baby.

Quinn healthcare clinic

Katanga Jones, Office Coordinator, talks about the daily operations of Quinn Healthcare.

Kantanga Jones continues sharing information about the healthcare industry and the role of Quinn Healthcare.

Mayar McElveen, Medical Assistant, asks interns if they are interested in being in the medical field.

Lindsay McAlpin, a student intern from Mississippi College, talks to the E3 Interns about the skills and qualifications needed to be a Physician's Assistant.

Timothy Quinn, M.D., the Medical Director and Owner of Quinn Healthcare, LLC., welcomes interns to the medical clinic.

Journalism and Broadcasting

E3 Intern joins the WJTV News Team (Meteorologist Terran Kirksey, Brittany Noble-Jones, News Anchor/ Reporter, and Terrance Friday, News Anchor/ Reporter.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Production Control Room

Taiwo Gaynor, Director of Post Production, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, explains how the art department collaborates with artists to develop print media for Mississippi Public Broadcasting publications as well as graphics for television.

Taiwo Gaynor explains that television production is consolidated here in the Production Control Room.

Taiwo Gaynor and E3 Intern viewing a production studio inside of Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

E3 Intern posing on the set of @Issue, a television show produced by Mississippi Public Broadcasting that reports on the happenings of a Mississippi Legislative session.

Taiwo Gaynor shows Torenzo Richardson where and how audio is mixed with video for television broadcast. During this discussion, Torenzo learns that one of his college coordinators, Stephen Brown (also known as 5th Child), was featured on a live music show, Amped & Wired.

Intern Torenzo Richardson and Coach Price preparing to be On-Air at WJSU with Dwain Doty.

These experiences provided interns with an overview of different industries and how they provide an economic development engine for our city and state while also providing an introduction to new career opportunities.

Racial Equity at Work In E3

This Is How You Are A Citizen: Humanities and Civic Life Conference on Racial Equity at Millsaps College

February 9-10, 2017
David Dennis, Jr. is an adjunct professor at Morehouse College as well as a writer and editor based out of Atlanta, Georgia.
Stephen Brown, Assistant Director of Outreach, Get2College
Hollis Watkins, Founder and President of Southern Echo, Inc., a leadership development, education, training, and technical assistance organization dedicated to empowering local residents throughout Mississippi and the Southern Region.
E3 Interns participate on a panel during the Racial Equity Conference at Millsaps College.
E3 Interns with David Dennis, Jr.
Civil Rights Icon and Board Member of the Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movment, Inc., Mr. Hollis Watkins, visits E3 at The Fannie Lou Hamer Institute @ COFO
E3 Intern welcomes Mr. Hollis Watkins
David Dennis, Jr., an adjunct professor at Morehouse College, joins E3 in a interactive discussion on racial equity.

E3 Shark Tank Business Concept Presentation

Special Thanks to

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Community Foundation of Greater Jackson



Rickey L. Thigpen, Executive Vice President, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau; Yolanda Clay-Moore, Relations Manager, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau; Wanda Watts, Vice President of Marketing, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau; Minnie Watson, Curator, The Medgar Evers Home/ Museum


Hibbett Neel, PE, PS, Chief Executive Officer, Neel-Schaffer; Kameron C. Ball, Senior Manager, Education and Government – Broadband, C Spire; Terrell Knight, Vice President of Government Sales & Economic Development; Nathan Slater, Vice President of Cloud Solutions (and Lanier High School graduate); Alan Jones, Vice President of Engineering and Operations; Rob Rubinoff, Product Manager, Home Services; Carla Lewis, Senior Vice President, Information Technology


LaFreda Sias, Project Manager, UMMC Office of Academic Affairs; Gaarmel Funches, D.HEd, Community Education; Robyn Sorley, Ph.D., School of Nursing Simulation Laboratory; Timothy Quinn, M.D., Medical Director and Owner of Quinn Healthcare


Terrance Friday, WJTV Journalist, Anchor, Host; Taiwo Gaynor, Post Production Supervisor, Mississippi Public Broadcasting; Dwain Doty, News Director, WJSU


Carolyn Jolivette, Executive Director; Edie Graham, Program & Operations Manager; Gwen Gardner, Principal-In-Residence; Pat Reynolds, Finance Manager (Part-Time); Earl Watkins, Ph.D., Consulting Partner


Jennifer Lewis, Project Coordinator; Danny Lewis, Lead Internship Coach; Hillery Price, Lead Internship Coach; Ron Garry, Internship & Media Coach; Bridget Townsend, Program Advisor & Internship Coach


Adams, Steven; Anderson, Christian; Armon, DeAnthony; Branch, Quintivia; Brown, Kenytta; Bryant, Tiffany;Caldwell, Tatyuana; Clemons, Patricia; Daniel, Makysha; Davis, Sentriz; Edwards, Niquesha; Ford, Nicyia; George, Justin; Gray, Yaqub; Green, Kiara; Harris, Charles; Hatten, Osa; Hawkins, Kyla; Hill, Jasmine; Hoye, Dontavious; Hudson, John; Hudson,Matthew; Hunter, Alvin; Jackson, Ramon; Jacobs, Destini; James, Ladarius; James, Porsche’a; Johnson, Kezavian; Johnson, Darius; Kelly, Jatarra; Lambert, Selena; Lee, Diamante; Linburgen, Briashia; Mahone, JaQuisha; Martin, Kaleb; Miller, Britnie; Moore, Tre'Vell; Osborne, Jacolbi; Parker, Brione; Phipps, Alex; Richardson, Torenzo; Robinson, Cuanna; Robinson, Jala; Robinson, Lorenzo; Russell, Quindaruis; Scott, Nakida; Smith, Kanija; Smith, Shantiece; Thomas, Rayanna; Townsend, Lakendria; Turnage, DeAsia; Walker, Jamelyn; Walker, Patrick; Washington, DeMorrius; Williams, Jaylon; Williams, Tiasia; Yarbor, Johshun; Young, Jerry


KLM Consulting Corps, Inc.

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