The Story of Lindura® the really hard hardwood flooring from Germany

Lindura® is a revolutionary real wood flooring solution which is manufactured by the world renowned MeisterWerke Schulte GMBh or "Meister". MeisterWeke is based in Rüthen-Meiste, Germany and are world leaders in manufacturing specialist wood and building material with more than 200 registered patents. The fact that Lindura® is the toughest oak flooring is backed by tests done by MeisterWeke in their in-house state of the art laboratory which was done by applying 4,000 newtons of pressure via a metal ball to Lindura® wooden flooring and to a regular parquet. The results are below for everyone to see.

Lindura® is the toughest oak flooring available!

To understand why Lindura® is the toughest flooring option one has to go back in history and understand how Lindura® wooden flooring is made.

History of Lindura® Wooden Flooring

The story of Lindura® Wooden Flooring has its roots in wood powder technology. Wood powder is made of fine wood fibers and other naturally occurring elements and was developed by Välinge, a company based in Sweden. As soon as wood powder technology was discovered the innovative founder of MeisterWerke saw an opportunity and started mass producing wood powder.

Wood powder is one of the main components of Lindura® wooden floors and helps in making it the toughest oak flooring in the world. The wood powder technology has several inherent advantages, the most prominent being that Lindura® is one of the most durable and resistant floor finish and is well insulated.

Constituents of Lindura® Wooden Flooring

Composition of lindura® wooden flooring
  • Wood powder backing which acts as support for all the layers above it.
  • High-Density Fiber Board (HDF) is the next layer, and it adds strength to the flooring.
  • The second last layer is made of real wood covering, giving the floor an elegant look. This layer can be made of oak, larch, or walnut. A different surface finish can be added if needed.
  • To add more durability to the flooring another layer of wood powder is added.
  • The last layer is used to oil the floor with Weartec® Nature Surface.

Except for the last layer, all the other layers are sealed together through a process that combines pressure and heat, creating a surface that cannot be broken and is highly durable. Over this the last layer is added so that the flooring can be oiled properly.

Advantages of Lindura® Wooden Flooring

Simple installation

Using the non-adhesive Masterclic Plus installation system, Lindura® Wooden Flooring can be installed quickly without any extra technical knowledge and sophisticated tools.

Lindura® is Resistant to Staining and Easy to Clean

Lindura® is stain resistant and even if any stains are there they can be removed easily with a damp cloth.

Lindura® wooden flooring is stain resistant, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

Easy regular cleaning

Using specific cleaning products developed for Lindura® by Meister®, the flooring can be cleaned in one go in no time.

Excellent for home, perfect for office

With the availability of a large range of designs and surfaces Lindura® wooden flooring is perfect for both commercial and residential usage.

Lindura® is excellent for both residential and commercial usage

Lindura® Provides Energy Savings

Lindura® wooden flooring provides insulation thereby making it energy efficient. Lindura® is also environment friendly as it is made from Eco-friendly material.

Wood4Floors brings the world class Lindura® Wooden Flooring to the UK for its esteemed customers as its authorised suppliers. Visit our showroom or contact us for a demo or enquiry.

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