Never give up By: Chris Luchette

“I have lived two thirds of my life with the thread of death hanging over me."

~Stephen Hawking

The theme of the multiple perspectives is, because Melody and Stephen Hawking worked hard to prove to people they can achieve great accomplishments like Hawking Radiation and Melody making the Wiz Kids Team, people treated them with more respect, they continued to inspire people, and they both didn’t give up through their diseases.

Out Of My Mind

A young girl named Melody wants to prove to people that even though she has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, she is very intelligent and believes she can make it on the Wiz Kids Team. This is a team that competes in trivia on multiple topics. This is for very intelligent students and Melody knows she is smart enough to make the team. She also gets a lot of encouragement to try and make the team. She studies hard and focuses on her work and studies.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a man who was diagnosed with ALS when he was 21 and he was not expected to see his 25th birthday. Stephen Hawking is now 75 years old. Stephen Hawking is not only known for his disability but for his great accomplishments in the science community. Stephen Hawking studies black holes in space. He is now a theoretical physicist and he worked in cosmology in college. Stephen Hawking is very limited in movement and he is unable to talk. But with a machine he is about to control his talking with his cheek.

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The theme of the novel, Out of My Mind, is that Melody persevered to show everyone she was smart enough to make the Wiz Kids Team and to prove cerebral palsy can’t and won’t stop her from achieving her dreams. This relates to Stephen Hawking and Hawking Radiation because Hawking also wanted to show to people that he could achieve great things and he could inspire people to achieve their goals as well.

The novel, Out of my Mind, addresses my research topic, Stephen Hawking because it shows how someone can strive through a disease just as Stephen Hawking did. Because of their diseases both Melody, the novel's main character, and Stephen Hawking have many disabilities. Their diseases affect their brain causing them to not be able to move and they have to be fed by someone else. They both reached their goals despite their struggles and they were treated differently. They also wanted to inspire people to never give up.

Melody had so much on her mind to share. Finally, she is able to express herself with her talker and to be on live TV to show people her perspective.

This is Hawking receiving the Copley Medal of the Royal Society in 2006. This was given to him because of his great science achievements. This is important because it is a very honorable award. This picture also shows what Stephen Hawking faces physically every day. This connects to Melody because Melody won the qualifying round to get into the Championships on the Wiz Kids Team. She was also on live TV and it showed everyone what she faces as well.

This video explains specific things about Hawking's life. This video represents that Hawking has gained a lot of recognition and has changed people's thoughts about him and his work. This relates to Melody because before she made the Wiz Kids Team people did not treat her with respect but after she made the team they respected her and acknowledged her more.

Hawking went to the White House with Bill and Hillary Clinton and he talked with them. Bill Clinton said, “Tonight he's given us a lot to think about, even the ability to imagine a future in which we as humans will have finally captured the "Holy Grail of physics," reconciling the infinitesimal with the infinite, presenting the world with the ultimate theory of everything.” Bill Clinton is complimenting Hawking because he is telling us Hawking has inspire them that night and he made them think. Also, Hawking has made people see what the future holds and the equations that will continue to come.

In the background this is Hawking testing Zero gravity in an airplane.

Hawking had a book published to inform people about himself, his disease, and his accomplishments. Hawking wanted to inspire people and he wanted to show what he has done and the struggles he has faced. “I wanted the book to be read by millions of people around the world like a bestselling airport novel,” he said. This is explaining that Hawking wanted many people to see what he has accomplished to inspire them and get them interested in science and what he has proven. He also wants people to understand what he went through to prove his theories. Melody also wanted to inspire people and show what she could do on live television. She wanted people to she how much she has grown and accomplished.

A famous writer named Katherine Harmon shared her perspective of Hawking and she said, “But his disease seems hardly to have slowed him down.” This is showing that Hawking didn’t give up even with his disease that set him back. He continued to work and share his information and wants to inspire the world that even through disabilities you can achieve greatness. This connects to Melody because she didn't let Cerebral Palsy stop her. She continues to listen to Music and absorbs everything she learns. She also studied many flash cards and questions to make it on the Wiz Kids Team.

Both Stephen Hawking and Melody were treated respectfully after they showed people what they could accomplish. After Hawking came upon Hawking Radiation in 1974 people started mentioning him more and made films and books about him. Then when Melody made the Wiz Kids Team and was on TV everyone on her team said they were best friends with her and liked her as a person and a friend.

Clearly, because Melody and Stephen Hawking worked hard to prove to people they can achieve great accomplishments like Hawking Radiation and Melody making the Wiz Kids Team, people treated them with more respect, they continued to inspire people, and they both didn’t give up through their diseases.

Never Give Up

Stephen Hawking and Melody

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