North American Daredevils Year 5 Autumn 1


Throughout this unit, the children will learn what it means to persevere to achieve something they believe in; explore what makes a person adventurous and why they might risk their life for a challenge. Children will become scientists to investigate forces, and use their design and technology skills to design a craft to survive a fall and to keep its occupant safe. They will learn about the continent of North America using their geographical skills to identify the countries and topographical features. Children will develop writing skills to detail the main events of the inspirational story of Annie Edson Taylor's remarkable life.


The Year 5 school day starts at 8.55am

5KW will enter via Salisbury Road and line up near the tree house. Mr Wood will be there to support you each morning, sanitise hands and guide you into the building.

5SB and 5ZG will enter from Station Road and line up at the far side of the playground. Mrs Bryant and Miss Glennon will be there to welcome you each morning, sanitise hands and guide you into the building.

Lunch time will be at 12:00 and eaten in class with a Midday Assistant. Once lunch is eaten, you will be taken outside to play in class bubble groups.

Toilet breaks have been scheduled at regular intervals throughout the day and there are Support Staff available to take children to the toilet if they are not able to wait for the allocated times.

School Home Time: 3:00 pm

Please be on time for collection of your children at the same place they were dropped off in the morning.

Homework will be set each Monday and expected to be completed by the following Monday.

How do we keep ourselves safe when in school?

The Creative Me will:

Use and appraise the track 'Jaws' from the well-known composer John Williams. Pupils will use this to inspire them to create an accompaniment to the story of Annie Edson Taylor as she makes a remarkable journey downriver and over the Niagara Falls.

Use the Charanga unit, Livin' on a prayer, to learn about the many dimensions of music: pulse, rhythm and pitch. Pupils will appraise other pieces of classic rock as well as learning to sing to the beat, accompany and compose their own pieces of music incorporating a repetitive melody and chords.

Use watercolour techniques to help create movement, depth and vivid colours when painting waterfall images.

The Healthy Me will:

Develop team building skills through orienteering and learning how to play a variety of invasion games. Pupils will understand how to field, defend and to choose the most appropriate tactics for a game. They will learn to act as good role models for others and uphold the spirit of fair play and respect in all competitive situations.

On days timetabled for PE, we ask that children arrive wearing the expected PE kit. Your child is welcome to wear navy jogging bottoms instead of their skort/shorts if they prefer. However, they must still wear their federation PE t-shirt, school jumper/cardigan and suitable trainers (not plimsolls). Please do not wear other branded items.

5KW P.E is on Tuesday and Thursday

5SB P.E is on Wednesday and Friday

5ZG P.E is on Tuesday and Thursday

In PHSE pupils will, learn about the importance of, 'Being me in my world' through the PSHE Jigsaw programme identifying their goals for this academic year, understanding their fears and worries and how to overcome them.

In R.E, pupils will understand the question, 'What does it mean if God is holy and loving?' Pupils will learn to: identify different types of biblical texts; make connections between bible texts and what Christians believe about God as well as demonstrating how Christians put their beliefs into practice during worship.

The Independent Me will:

Study the text, 'Queen of the falls', to learn about the significant events in Annie Edson Taylor's life. Pupils will learn to write a series of diary entries demonstrating their understanding of audience, perspective, grammar and sentence construction.

Pupils will share and read a variety of texts to develop pupils' understanding of characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, justifying their inferences with evidence from the text. Pupils will learn to make comparisons within different stories and across different genres. Core stories studied will include: The boy who swam with piranhas by David Almond and Goodnight stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli.

In Geography, pupils will develop an understanding of the location of the countries found in North and South America and to use geographical resources to analyse the land use of the Niagara Falls over time.

The Inquisitive Me will:

Secure an understanding of place value by reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000. Pupils will develop their formal written calculation methods for addition and subtraction and interpret a variety of charts and graphs displaying different types of statistical data.

In science, pupils will work scientifically to: design and make parachutes to test air resistance; investigate which boat shapes have the least water resistance and understand the force of friction including the effect of drag when designing a working part for a bicycle.

In design and technology, pupils will design, make and evaluate products to suit a specific user. Pupils will identify a problem and develop a solution by using a range of practical skills to design a container to protect precious cargo.

In computing, pupils will develop their understanding of how to stay safe online and how to protect themselves and others. Pupils will learn how to check the validity of online sources and work in teams to create a class database of information which can be used to share thoughts around a chosen topic.

This is Me will:

Develop our spiritual, moral, social and cultural values through: discussing the importance of and meaning behind Harvest Festival; discussing how we can demonstrate our Academy Christian Values through R.E lessons; gain a further insight into shared interests with others in our class and to explore our class-members' backgrounds.

Pupils will model British Values through a democratic approach to organising pupil voice groups - delivering persuasive speeches and using a fair voting system. Pupils will create their own class charter of rules, with opportunities to voice their own opinions about these rules and curriculum rewards for excellent behaviour.

Reflect on the big question for this half term:

How have I shown love today?

Pupils will have opportunities to discuss this question regularly in class as well as being able to nominate peers who have demonstrated the Academy Christian value of love in and around school.

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