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Claim: Abortion is a controversial topic. Many people believe abortion is murder and causes pain to the fetus. The fetus does not feel pain until 20 weeks after conception. However people do not consider how a rape victim feels about having a baby who was conceived after getting raped. People should care about this topic because abortion is becoming a big problem around the world. Plus, people should look at this more carefully in cases of rape, abuse, and why laws should not be decided on religion.

Abortion should not be banned in cases of rape. Rape is an ongoing problem around the world. There is no way to tell that you are going to be a rape victim. An 11 year old girl was raped and denied an abortion (Servin). At this age she was not physically or mentally ready to have a baby which may have lead to complications with the pregnancy, luckily everything went well. Research shows that there are ten of thousands of pregnancies from rape each year “... about 5 percent of women who are raped get pregnant. About half of those pregnancies end in abortion.” (Examining the Truth) This shows that girls who are rape victims who are pregnant will most likely end with an abortion. Abortion is not bad in all cases.

Abuse is not the correct answer for abortion. There are thousands of women who are abused to induce an abortion. A 12 year old girl was put down and pounded in the stomach to induce an abortion. The baby was born, taken away, and never seen again. Medical attention was not seeked due to the crime that was committed (Downs). This is only one case of a women who got abused to induce an abortion. Otherwise there are women who have illegal abortions. Illegal abortions have become doctors main concern there was “...thousands of women suffering from complications and even death…” (Kaplan). This happens because abortions are banned and women find an alternative. This alternative has cost more lives then it would originally have if seen by a doctor.

Religion plays a big role in abortions. Laws should not be based off on religion. This is because every religion has a different belief and not everyone believes in the same thing. Some religions like the“Romans did not consider an unborn child a person” (Daniels). Other religions believe that “... the embryo had human rights equivalent to the child it will become and thus, abortion or harm to the fetus is murder” (Daniels), this is why the decisions should not be made according to religion. Abortion was an option for her the problem was religion. Her father was Jehovah's Witness and her mother was Catholic. “They would not approve an abortion” (Herda). She did not belong to either religions and religion still played a role on her decision.

Call of Action: Abortion should not be illegal. There are too many victims who simply cannot have a child. People should take a close look at this and consider a victim's point of view. Get involved. Get more information on abortion at https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/abortion.

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