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What Do You Think Is The Most Effective Style Of Government?

Direct Democracy is the most effective style of government. In a direct democracy all citizens get to participate and get to have a say in voting. In addition, citizens get to have a say in lawmaking. In other countries that are not direct democracies, citizens do not have the right to vote. In a direct democracies citizens will always have fair rights. In direct democracies one person can not take over that country, and make new laws. This means that other people, have a say in lawmaking. All in all direct democracy is the most effective style of government.

This is the head government building in the United States Of America.

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Citizen?

One way to be a good citizen is to follow laws. If laws are broken people may be harmed. Another, way to be a good citizen is staying informed about the political election, that was going on not to long ago. Every citizen over 18 has the right to vote. It is a responsibility to stay informed, about the political election. A good citizen follows laws, and stays informed about the political election. This is what a good citizen is supposed to do.

You Have The Right To Vote.

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