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Globalization- making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization is great for companies because people around the world are working together to make things for companies. Globalization is the process by which businesses develop on an international scale. By doing this companies are able to use resources from foreign countries. In addition, they can expand their business on an international scale. The customers benefit as well by buying for a lower price. There is competition between the companies so the price keeps lowering. Workers might work in harsh places, but the still get paid a fair amount. They benefit because of globalization. Globalization helps many people, the customers pay less, the workers get good jobs, and people from all around the world come together to help companies.

This is part of the Globilaztion process.

Is It A Good Choice To Climb Mount Everest?

Do not climb Mount Everest. It is definitely not worth it. Maybe there is a once in a lifetime view at the top, but the lifetime could be taken away from you if you decide to climb it! If you do decide to climb up you can enjoy the 200 dead bodies that are left on the mountain. That's a little intimidating You are risking your life, Everest is a deadly climb. In addition, Everest expeditions can be up to 100,000 dollars. Many people have spent thousands of dollars and not even completed the climb. It's just not worth it to risk your life. Do something better with your life, enjoy it instead of risking your life. All of this shows climbing Mount Everest is a very bad choice.

If you climb Mount Everest you can enjoy the 200 dead bodies on the mountain!

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How Might Having A Valuable Resource Affect A Region?

Having a valuable resource such as oil can affect a region for better or worse. Oil caused countries to invade, and cause war. In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait for its oil reserves. People got nervous that Iraq would take over Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves, and that it might lead to war. In addition, they thought one country would take over the oil, and get all of the oil . People in this region have more job opportunities, because of oil. In order to use oil, it has to be drilled, transported, and refined, which is distributed from all of the countries. A natural resource can shape a region in good and bad ways. It can cause countries to invade on another. But, it can also provide lots of job opportunities.

This is an oil rig off the coast off the coast of Dubai.

How Do People Adapt To Living In A Desert Region?

People adapt to living in the desert in many ways. One way people can adapt to living in the desert is by living by a desert oasis. Another way people can adapt to living in a desert is by rotating their cash crops. By living near an oasis, residents of the Sahara, and Sahel get water. Even during a drought, there is still fresh water in oases. Another way people adapt to living in the desert is by rotating their crops. By rotating their crops, farmers can prevent the land from drying up and causing desertification. They do this to rest the land so they don't overuse it. As you can see, by living near an oasis, and rotating your crops are two major adaptations people in the Sahara and Sahel have made.

This is a desert oasis in the Sahara desert.

What Forces Work For And Against The Suprantional Cooperation Among Nations?

A force that works against the supranational cooperation is that not all of the countries use the Euro. This is bad for the countries because they can’t buy things in other countries. If someone wanted to buy something in another country that doesn't use the Euro, they would have to switch their money. Another force that works against the supranational cooperation, is that not all of the countries speak the same language. It is very hard for all of the nations to communicate to each other. All of the countries have their own separate culture, and language. Not using the Euro, and not speaking the same language, are two major forces that work against the supranational cooperation.

This is the flags of all of the countries in the supranational cooperation.

What Do You Think Is The Most Effective Style Of Government?

Direct Democracy is the most effective style of government. In a direct democracy all citizens get to participate and get to have a say in voting. In addition, citizens get to have a say in lawmaking. In other countries that are not direct democracies, citizens do not have the right to vote. In a direct democracies citizens will always have fair rights. In direct democracies one person can not take over that country, and make new laws. This means that other people, have a say in lawmaking. All in all direct democracy is the most effective style of government.

This is the head government building in the United States Of America.

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Citizen?

One way to be a good citizen is to follow laws. If laws are broken people may be harmed. Another, way to be a good citizen is staying informed about the political election, that was going on not to long ago. Every citizen over 18 has the right to vote. It is a responsibility to stay informed, about the political election. A good citizen follows laws, and stays informed about the political election. This is what a good citizen is supposed to do.

You Have The Right To Vote.

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