Central African Republic Sean Ireland

The continent that the Central African Republic is located on is Africa.

My country's location, capital, and capital coordinates.

My country is located in the northern and eastern hemisphere. The coordinates of my country's capital are 4.3970° N and 18.5582° E.

The state capital is Bangui.

The country bordering my country are Chad which is to the north, Sudan which is to the east, Democratic Republic Of Congo which is to the south.Finally we have Camroon which is to the west, and Congo which is to the south west.

Physical Characteristics

My temperature zone is Tropical because it is in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

My country consists of mostly tropical grasslands but there are some broad leaf evergreen forests.


It isn't very crowded here with people living 19.8 people per square miles.

The annual change in my country is -36.0% in 2013 which is growing negitive.

The annual change in 2013 was -36.0%.

The top 5 most populated cities in Central African Republic are #1 being Bangui with a population of 734,350 people which was recorded in 2012. The second city is Bimbo with 257,859 people in 2013. Third Berberati with 105,155 people in 2012. Fourth Carnot with 54,551 people in 2012. Finally coming in in fifth place is Zongo Democratic Republic of Congo with 53,743 people in 2007.

My country is more rural than urban.


Developing because there is low G.D.P per capita which is only 2.4%. The life expectancy is low compared to other countries which is only 51.35 years.Literacy rate is half out of 100% which is 56.6%. That is why it is a developing country.


Central African Republic is Famous for it's main city Bangui.

The main languages spoken in Central African Republic are french, sangho, and tribal languages.

35% of people are indigenous beliefs,25% are Protestant,25% Roman Catholic,and 15% Muslim.
People in Central African Republic eat corn and tons of other things.

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