Create your Story Creating a Silent Play

Discipline: Theatre

Artistic Process: Develop/preform

Definition: Producing/Presenting involves sharing theatrical work with others

Standard: Present a theatrical work for an audience

Tasks: You and your group will create a 5 minute silent play and preform it in class. You will have 5 days to finish your story. There will be no talking involved, instead you have to get your story through by emotions and by physical skills. I will give you questions to keep in mind while writing your story. You might have to meet outside of class if you are not on track.

Day 1: You are going to break into groups of 2-3 and brainstorm ideas you will be using to create your story. Create a unique name for your groups.

Just in case you need an example of what you are suppose to be doing here is Charlie Chaplin-Roller Skating

Day 2: Write your story. make sure you are not using any words and it is going to be 5 minutes long.

Questions to keep in mind while writing:

How do artists create opportunities for their work to be seen and understood?

What is an artist’s responsibility?

For what reasons and purposes is work selected for presentation?

How does an audience enrich a performance?

How do technologies impact the way we share and experience theatrical works?

Why is it important to make an artistic statement?

Kansas Theatre Standards:

Day 3: You are suppose to be done writing and going on to rehearsal.You are also going to pick out some music that correlates with the theme of your play so if your play is about love I would expect to see a song about love and not a song about tacos.

You can use a website like Spotify to find music. With Spotify you can look up different genres, like mood music, to help you find the perfect song. I would also recommend Pandora. You can get an account with both of them for free.


DAy 4: Today is going to be a rehearsal day. Get into groups and practice and fix anything wrong with your play.
Day 5: It's show time! you will have 10 minutes to get with your groups and get ready to preform for the class. your group must record your performance and then upload it to A the google folder with your group name.
This is the folder you will put your videos



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