Australia Kangarooo!

Australia is a big nation with several places to visit, big cities like Sidney...
And nature places
Australia is of course a naval trades nation...
And a big business center
But also a good places where take a "break"

Australian importante cities: Sydney

With lot of stores, cafes and hotels, Sydney is a great city. It is the most populose city in Australia and it is actually ranked #14 in the list of "best cities of the world". Actually there are 5 millions of abitant in the Sydney and there is a big population increasing tax.

There are several places to visit: the Opera House, the National Marittime Museum, the Mary Mackillop Place... and lot of others!
Sydney's Air Wiew

Australia important cities: Melbourne

Melbourne is n important city of Australia. It has a population of "only" 2.500.000 abitants (an half of the population of Sydney!) but it is a good city to enjoy.

Melbourne has lot of places to enjoy! Luna parks, panoramics wheels, shops... There is also a bike sharing service!
Melbourne's buisiness center view

Not only big cities! Australian natural places

Australia is a land full of natural beauties: let's see some of them!

Part way along the Great Ocean Road, one of the world’s most famous driving routes, lies the 12 Apostles. An incredible natural formation just off of the coastline, in fact, most of the 12 have sadly crumbled into the sea.

Located in the Grampians, a beautiful natural area in the state of Victoria, the Mackenzie Falls are one of the largest waterfalls in Australia.

At 1,2000 square kilometres, the Daintree Rainforest in northern Queensland is the largest rainforest in Australia. It is considered one of the most ecologically significant rainforests in the world, with endless Australian plants and animals to admire.

The bungle jungle is a mare compose ONLY of shaped rock formations and it is nonpareil in the world.

In the state of South Australia, the geographic formation of ‘Wilpena Pound’ creates a unique landscape that is also home to many Australian animals and plants, including tens of thousands of kangaroos! Wilpena Pound was also recently handed back to the traditional Aboriginal owners.

Kakadu National Park

This national park is almost 20,000 square kilometers and it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park has an incredible variety of landscapes including rivers, floodplains and outliers and is also home to Aboriginal rock art that is estimated to be over 40,000 years old and a truly incredible site

The site is considered oe of the most amazing riserve in the world
with lakes...
Beautifully rivers...
and lot of animals to see

The Great Reef Barrier

With a title like ‘the world’s largest living thing’, the Great Barrier Reef is bound to be impressive. This area features some of Australia’s most incredible marine life, including many species of fish, turtles, dolphins and amazingly colorful coral.

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