India's Independence gandhi's fight for freedom

Hello my name is Mohandas Gandhi. I am a lawyer from India and I went to Africa to work a case that I had to work. On my way to were I had to go I traveled on a train where I paid to sit in first class but as the journey went underway I soon discovered my welcome in the first class compartment was no longer welcome as conductor told me that any person of color had to sit in the back in third class. I refused to sit in third class seeing how I had paid to sit where I was. The conductor gave me two choices and that was to either sit in third class or get thrown off the train and I decided it was best to sit in first class and stand my ground as I was thrown off the train I began to realize the masssivity of the situation I saw the seperation of colors between those of color and the white South-Africans.

Here I am in my youth

With this discovery I began to protest for my rights. I did not attempt to protest violently in any way I began to protest setting up the south African national congress attempting to rally any and all support that I could receive. Soon word of my revolution was known all around the world and as I helped of where I was my home country was under persecution of the British. So I headed home.

Once I arrived home I traveled around India for years seeing the persecution my people were under. I began to protest again, slowly I gained support but this was because I knew what my people wanted and I inspired them with my speeches so that we could have India free of British Rule.

I learned the only way to get the British out of India was to make them want to leave. Soon after I began to protest with the salt march and the homespun movement. This gained me support from many but with these protests the British added to the fire and began to create new laws specifically created to keep me from protesting. Soon I was sentenced to prison which only struck riots up around the city and soon the British offered to release me as long as I promoted non-violence. So I was released from the prison that the British stuck me in and as soon as I was released another world war began. The British asked if I would promote support of the British in the war, and I said no. I was thrown in jail and soon after riots once again began.

With the war over the British began to pull out of India, so me and my people gained our homeland but Britain wouldn't leave with out doing one final task. The British partitioned India into two separate nations.

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