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Hello! Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Samuel Dias, I'm a 20 year-old Brazilian who recently moved to Toronto in hopes of new opportunities to explore and learn. Through out the past few years I've been experimenting a lot of different things. Moving abroad and changing programs made me see how many different paths I could follow in my life, personally and professionally. I have a background in architecture which I studied for two years in Brazil. After I moved, I decided to get into a introductory design program at George Brown College. With that past experience I got enough material to create a very complete and versatile portfolio that helped me get accepted into many different programs in different institutions.

My goal is to become a designer. It's hard for me to decide on one category of design at the moment so I'm exploring all fields and plan on becoming a very complete and versatile professional. I want a job that's always changing and that challenges my creativity everyday. Design is all about that so I'm sure I'm going in the right direction.

Duality. I believe that's the best word to describe design. Functional art. Made with a clear objective but aesthetically pleasing. I believe that word should always be in out vocabulary. In everyday situations, try to see things in another perspective, every story has at least two sides.

Design is a form of expression and communication. It's very important to keep all your work unique and personal even if it required you to use your face. Which was exactly what I did to create my logo and business card.
We get inspired by everything around us. It's important to use that to your advantage when you're creating. To create my business card I decided to use the Pantone colour charts as an inspiration since they look really clean and organized. To give it a very personal touch I decided to feature my signature on the front of my card.
Business Card (Front)
Business Card (Back)
“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse
“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Claude Monet
“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” Joe Sparano

Past Projects

Poster Design

This poster was created to illustrate a campaign that promotes respect to the LGBTQ community.

Album Design

As a part of the campaign I created an album design that would translate the ideas of the movement.

Vector Art

Using Adobe Illustrator I created many different illustrations that could be used fro many different purposes.
Some designs could be used to create personal merchandise.

Marketing Design

Magazine spread I designer for George Brown College for their Graphic Design Program.
The campaign couldbe translated into merchandise for the institution.

Other Projects are features on my online portfolio at:


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Samuel Dias

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