Sub-Global Assessment Network Celebrates a Reconvening of Members

The Sub-Global Assessments Network (SGAN) is marking a reconvening, along with the launch of a brand-new National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) Initiative website this year. Established first in 2007, the SGAN is a diverse community of practice, building capacity and sharing knowledge about ecosystems assessments undertaken at regional, national and subnational levels.

In September this year, the SGAN celebrated a reconvening of its members, welcoming new partners to join the network, share experiences among various assessment teams and provide training opportunities in adopting specific tools and approaches for assessments.

This reconvening is timed with a series of webinars, including:

In line with this reconvening, SGAN welcomes new members (organizations and individuals) interested in learning more to register for the latest events and updates.

BES-Net is proud to work alongside the SGAN to support more countries in adopting the IPBES methodology and building a comprehensive body of knowledge and capacity at the national level for ecosystem decision-making.


Photo by Christo Ras on Pixabay