Lecce & Ostuni PUGLIA, ITALY

After spending an entire day exploring the Salento coast, it was time to hit the old town of Lecce, famous for its many examples of Baroque Architecture. Lecce is known as the Baroque capital of Europe.

Breakfasting right on queue for an early start dissolved after our B&B hosts applied disgraceful tactics of fattening us up on all the delights that Lecce is famous for. How could we resist? Still intent on force feeding us after our feeble attempts to decline, we were then given instructions on where to find more Lecce local delights. With our treasure map in hand we attempted to follow the historical town tour whilst really we were secretly hunting down the food treasures hidden within.

Whilst we thought we had failed our 2nd objective, for the tasty savory Lecce Rustico at Fanchini who had sold out! They then helpfully sent us on our way (with instructions given in fluent Italian) in search of the now very irresistible savory item!

A keen instinct kicked in and 10 minutes later we were sitting down devouring our savory Lecce Rustico tasty treasure. We weren’t disappointed. This topped off our earlier find for hunting down the undisputed best Café Leccese in Lecce. A shot of Expresso over ice topped with a layer of Almond syrup! Yum!

It was then on to Ostuni by regional train and a nicely in sync local bus service. Ostuni is know as the white city and sits up high with commanding views across olive groves to the ocean. The very narrow streets are like a maze and locating our AirB&B for the evening was more challenging than expected. But all part of the fun.

Ostuni definitely attracts the younger folk and young families. It has a real lively atmosphere particularly after the sun goes down! In true European fashion, no food is served until after 8:30pm. Strictly drinks only...

Our Hosts Massimo and Son


Old Town - Classic Baroque Architecture

Lecce’s Treasures

Café Leccese
Rustico (well what’s left of it!)


Our wee little authentic Ostuni house
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Stephen Mathieson