Labor Movement

The United States labor movement grew out of the need to defend the common interest of workers. For those in the industrial region, organized labor unions fought for better wages, reasonable hours and safer working conditions. The movement led efforts to stop child labor, provide health benefits and implement aid to workers who were injured or retired. The birth of this movement began in the mid to late 1700’s when shoemakers were demanding shortening work days as well as declare costs for their service. This was put into action to defend their trade against cheap labor. This sparked a wave, it was followed by the first Trade Associations Union for Mechanic’s in 1827, shortly expanding to other trades and crafts creating unions with ideals that are suitable for those in a certain profession. This celebrated honest labor, and equality in the workplace. We can thank the generations of America’s working heroes for the workplace rights and protections we enjoy today, because of their hard work we have fair equal professions anyone can prosper and excel in.

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