Temperate Forest By: Julian K, Izaiah N

Ground zone

The Ground Zone includes plants that grow on or near ground, such as moss, litchen, etc.

Herb zone

The Herb zone contains small herbal plants, such as ferns.

Shrub zone

The Shrub zone includes mountain laurel, huckleberries, and more.

Sapling zone

The Sapling zone has younger and shorter trees.

Stratum zone

The Stratum zone is the tallest zone with trees going from 60-100 feet.


Animals have to adapt to all seasons. Some animals hibernate during the winter in forest. Animals use leaves to hide from predators. Animals that don't hibernate use warm pelts to keep warm. Black bears live in temperate forests. Some animals are amnivores.

People of the temperate forest

Non native may compete for food and habit space. Recycling helps the Native by using less of their trees. Cloth products instead of paper will reduce tree use. Driving less will consume the amount of gas used wich will save trees because trees is what gas is made out of .

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Julian K


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