Connecticut, Founded 1636 Luke marksberry

Thomas Hooker

-Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker in 1636. He also led the people to the colony.

- He was the man who led the colonist to the Connecticut

- He was given the name "Father of Connecticut"

-The Connecticut colony was big in religion

-John Winthrop Jr. joined the Connecticut and New Haven colonies and made them a big religious colony

- The majority of the colonist were Puritans

The daily life in Connecticut was very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer.

-The spring was very warm and rainy and the fall was getting cold.

-With narrow lowlands and hilly upland. The basic geography of the Connecticut consisted poor rocky soil that was difficult to farm

A chart of the weather in the colony

Daily Life/Economy

- The upper class were wealthy, well educated and could vote and held high on public office

-The men in the colony worked on the farms while the women worked inside and kids were at school

-The colonist made their living by fishing,whaling ,shipbuilding , and shipping


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