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Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been doing service learning projects for two companies, one being for The City Of Kingsville's water department, and one for a company up in Florida known was WaterMapping LLC.

Down-town Kingsville, where many of the City's meeting take place

The Water Production Division in the City of Kingsville provides quality drinking water to the citizens of Kingsville. This department recognizes and accepts the responsibility associated with preserving and protecting our water source. Water is produced by seven active wells drilled into the Goliad Sands Aquifer which is then blended with surface water in the distribution system.

Recently established in 2014, but with more than 20 years of experience in the field, WaterMapping provides geoscience services for private and public sector clients. WaterMapping is a group of geoscientists that emphasizes geological exploration and coastal and marine environmental monitoring using state of the art technologies. We use satellite imagery and geophysical data followed by aerial and on-site observations to provide spatial and temporal analysis for coastal monitoring, oil exploration, and oil spills.


Above are the Directors of the City of Kingsville
Above is Geoscientist and WaterMapping Director Oscar Garcia working on his recent water conservation project.

My responsibilities for the project

I originally picked these two organizations because I plan on doing work with conserving water quality in my future. I was then trusted with the responsibility to ensure the tasks given to me by these companies were done correctly.

Ohmsett Summer 2016

I have been trusted with WaterMapping's Recent project, Ohmsett. The purpose of the project was to focus on the assessment of satellite remote sensing to characterize oil thickness. I was given the task to edit the directors proposal for the project. I had done the following

  • Ensure correct grammar
  • Corrected the layout to the appropriate format for a proposal
  • Arrange images on the document: Worked with visual queuing and complimenting colors
  • Provided feedback on my thoughts about the projected and how to make it more appealing to the client
An overview of the City of Kingsville

The City of Kingsville had provide me a few smaller projects to complete. They had me writing minutes for their city meetings, and going over the weekly lab reports for the water quality of Kingsville. I had completed the following

  • Overlooked the weekly lab reports
  • Wrote out the agenda for the city meetings
  • Observed how they structured their memos for the city
  • Observed iTech on how they organize the city's website

Educational Goals and Experience

I overall enjoyed my experience working with both organizations. I was very honored that both companies trusted me so much with the tasks they provided me. I learned a significant amount from this project such as

  • structuring and formatting a proposal for companies
  • being exposed to the work environment
  • partook in official City meetings and observed how they ran
  • proposing memos for projects
  • editing proposal for big projects
  • looking over water meter readings for the city
  • being confident in your work

I found all the work I had done for both of these companies to be very beneficial to what I plan to do in my future. I wanted to take this opportunity to do service learning in the water conservation field because my future plans involve doing tasks such as these for a living. I hope I can take the skills I have learned and take them into my professional career as an environmental engineering. I would like to take these skills into accountability because I plan on designing and proposing my own projects some day

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