Penguins Jordy severein and Marnix Bosker


Why does the Penguin have the name Penguin? I’m happy you asked it. There are multiple theories why penguins are called penguins, and in this text i’m going to give a few examples. Some say the word penguin is from ‘pen gwen’ what means white head, but there are some other theories like it’s from the Latin word ‘penguis’ what means fat. When u think of penguins you probably think of the movie ‘Happy Feet’, but we want to talk about the real penguins. and not about those movie creatures who can dance and sing. Penguins are in contrast to other animals, special. But we want to know, why they are special. Marnix Bosker and Jordy Severein from V2b are doing an investigation about penguins and why their special.


Why they are special

First of all, their habitat. Penguins don’t live on the north pole, many people think that’s true, but it isn’t. Penguins live on the south pole. They’re a few animals who live on the south pole, that’s one of the reasons why their special. But that’s not all. They’re birds that cannot fly, because their wings have evolved into flippers. They use those flippers to swim in the water. So they can catch their preys. But they still use their flippers for other stuff like escaping.

Flippers instead of wings.

Preys and Predators

Penguins are predators, but there are predators who hunt for penguins like sharks, the orca, the leopard seal and even dogs when they were allowed in Antarctica. Penguins need to eat so most of the penguins feed on krill, fish, squid and other forms of sea life, to stay healthy. Penguins can spend 75% of their lives in the water. They hunt in the water. Their prey can be found within 60 feet of the surface, so penguins have no need to swim in deep water. they catch their prey with their beaks and swallow them whole as they swim. Typically penguins keep a space between themselves and humans or other animals for about 3 meters (9.8 feet). That doesn’t mean they are scared of humans, because humans don’t form a threat for penguins. No land creature is a threat for a penguin now a days, but in the past the dogs in Antarctic were a threat. So dogs in the habitats of penguins are banned.

hunted by dogs

Habits and Body

Penguins have a very special trick to keep balance, they use their wings and tail to stay in balance. These birds also have a very smooth plumage (a very thick layer of insulating feathers) to stay warm in the water, so they don’t freeze in the water. Don’t talk funny about the way they walk, because it actually is better then when they walk straight. When they walk straight it will cost more energy than when they’re waddling.


How do penguins hatch their eggs? That’s a difficult question if you ask it to people. In many cases, people don’t know the answers because no one has ever told them about it. Well now we do! Before penguins can hatch their eggs they have to breed first. When the male had his orgasm, the female has become pregnant. After a while, she lays her egg. Then the baby or egg, needs to be warm. The female puts the egg between her legs. When the baby thinks it’s time, he comes out the egg and sees the world for the first time. Isn’t it beautiful. A new animal in the world. The mother feeds her child until he’s old enough to feed himself.

Our opinion

The world is beautiful if you look at it the right way. Penguins are good animals, strange, but sweet. They take care of themselves by catching sea animals. But besides that, they don’t harm any animals, humans or anything like that. Everyone has his reasons to love or hate penguins, but Marnix Bosker and Jordy Severein think that penguins are amazing animals and that they’re very cute. Besides they’re cute and it’s very funny how they walk, we think that we, as humans, can learn from them. Penguins take care of themselves by catching their food and just live with the things mother nature gave them. We as humans don’t do that, we harm animals while it isn’t necessary. We shouldn’t harm any things who don’t bother us.


There’s another question that needs an answer. How do the penguins communicate with each other? The answer of that question is not so simple, they don’t have a language like we do. They communicate with all sorts of things like movements, screams, chirping and other waerdt things. Every kind of penguin has his own kind of communication. A kind of penguin can recognise a scream from his own kind out of a thousand screams. I can’t imagine that a human can do that.


Endangered species

There are certain types of endangered penguins. The penguin that is the most endangered, is a penguin who has a decrease of 50% in 5 five years, that’s the Humboldt Penguin. We need to do something about it! Penguins are good! That’s our opinion. Most people don’t know of the decrease. People need to be informed! That is not the only penguin that is in danger, but there is hope! Not all penguins are in danger there are penguins like the Macaroni penguin with 11,654,000 pairs. The Macaroni penguin is the penguin with a high population or even the highest population of penguins at this moment. There are some species who are endangered, other than the Humboldt penguin like the Galapagos penguin with between 6,000-15,000 individuals. Because all these penguins are in danger we want to help them. We help in our own way and our way to help is to inform you by typing this text. Help the penguin and help other animal who are in danger. Don’t let the penguin die or make certain species of the penguin die, keep all the penguins.

Jordy Severein and Marnix Bosker


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