By:Zach Buckner

Once upon a time there was an ugly ogre that lived alone but happily in his swamp.Everyday he dealt with mobs and riots.
But, one day all these majestical creatures came to his swamp and wouldn't leave because a king had sent them there to get rid of them.Out of this Shrek met Donkey.
Because of that, Shrek has to travel to this kingdom and make Lord Farquaad take the creatures off his property.
Because of that, the lord makes a deal that Shrek has to bring a princess to him and he will move the creatures somewhere else.
Because of that Shrek starts to fall in love with the princess he was sent to get and it turns out she turns into an ogre at night.
Until finally Shrek and Fiona get married and Fiona is now an ogre forever and ever.
Ever since then Shrek and Fiona lived happily ever after in their swamp with Donkey

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