Imperialism By leslie Lopez

World War I Imperialism

Great Britain

The first example of imperialism was Great Britain. Britain had the most dominant imperial power, they were rich and the country was large, this was due to World War I. In the late 1800's Great Britain possessed 1 quarter of the globe, this included: Canada, India, Burma, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Egypt, and this wasn't it, there was more. Most of were attained with little difficulty; while other took more time and effort. British imperialism was focused on maintaining and expanding trade; It was reinforced by her powerful navy, at that time is was the largest fleet of vessels.


Another holder of great imperial power was France. The French imperial holdings were Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, some pacific islands and several colonies in west and north- west Africa.


Germany's imperial holdings were Shandong, New Guinea, Samoa, and other pacific islands, and several colonies in central and south-west Africa


Russia imperial holdings were Austria-Hungary, Finland, Poland, and several central Asian regions, they tired to take Japan but it just led them to Korea and northern China

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