How Are man-Made elements CEated? Ander Klaysingha

  • Created with particle accelerators
  • Particle source provides particles to be accelerated
  • Particles travel inside vacuum of metal pipes
  • Electromagnets steer and focus particles
  • Electric fields accelerate particles
  • Particles directed at fixed target
  • Detectors record and reveal particles and radiation
  • Process fuses two element's nuclei together
  • Form new element with more protons
  • Produced by technetium generators
  • 99 Molybdenum
  • Insert molybdenum into capsule
  • Molybdenum decays into technetium
  • Pour saline into capsule
  • Saline contains technetium
  • Collected into vial
  • Injected into patient
  • Technetium seeks out bone
  • Dectects bone cancer
  • Creates image in gamma ray camera
Technetium Generator
Lead Pig
Pig Cart

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Ander Klaysingha

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