Mario Lemieux By: shawn riley

Early Life

Mario Lemieux was born in Montreal, Canada in the Ville-Emard district on October 5th, 1965. He was raised by Pierrette and Jean-Guy Lemieux. He had two siblings Alain and Richard Lemieux, whom he played hockey with as young as three years old in his basement. Then, Mario met future NHL players Marc Bergevin and Robert Bordeau and they played together as kids. As a tenth-grader Mario Lemieux dropped out of school to focus on hockey fully.

Early career

Mario Lemieux had been playing hockey since he was just a little boy and his game was better than some kids five years older than him. Lemieux was a hockey prodigy, attracting thousands to his games at age 14. Then, Lemieux joined the QMJHL league and played three years there and set the record for the most goals in a season. After his three years there, Mario Lemieux declared for the NHL and was drafted #1 overall in the 1984 draft to a struggling Pittsburgh Penguins. In his first year he made it to the NHL all star game and made all star game MVP.

Adult life/ career

In 1993, the prime of his career, Mario Lemieux married Nathalie Asselin. They ended up having four children. On the ice, Lemieux was breaking records and winning games. Through his admirable play, Lemieux led his team the club's first Stanley Cup Championship in 1991 and then he did it again in 1992. Lemieux was no doubt one of the most talented players of all time. Then disaster struck when Mario was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1993. After winning two Stanley cups it was questionable whether Mario Lemieux would return. Seeing his team play terribly without him Mario did as much as he could do to get back on the ice, and just after two months Mario returned. After a great career Mario retired in 1997. Then in 1998 he bought the bankrupt Penguins franchise and paid all of its debts himself. Then in 2000 Mario, who was the owner of the team, returned to the Penguins. He played until 2006 and officially retired to became a full time owner.

What impacts did this person have on society

Besides being one of the best hockey players of all time. Mario is also a very successful owner, having won two Stanley cups as an owner. Also, Mario founded the Mario Lemieux foundation helping cancer patients. He has also donated tons of money to other organizations. The thing he is most remembered for is bringing a broken Pittsburgh team to life. He has single handedly changed the way Pittsburgh hockey is looked at. My dad, being a huge Pittsburgh fan, said that he was a savior to the team. The final thing that Lemieux has done in the NHL is being the only person to win two Stanley cups as a player and two as an owner. Mario's fantastic play and care to the community has inspired thousands and he will definitely go down as a Pittsburgh and NHL legend.


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