w/c 3rd April 2017 Reflective journal

This is the last week before half term so i need to get some work done, so i can reduce the amount i have to do over the holiday. i am currently working on the enemy sprites which is going well, its just getting the correct sizes for the body, i also need to keep thinking of how other zombies act, i want the sprite to walk likes its dragging its self, barley holding itself together.

Also we finally applied the character sprites to our unreal and have found that when the sprite is loaded into the world, its way to big to get around this i think we should just shrink the sprite down and go from there.

We shrunk the sprite way down and now it actually fits within the map, so now that that's done we can move on to finally adding our own assets, but just remembering that we need to first apply the new character sprite and remove the old template, at the moment were just going through the unreal and editing the old animation updates and changing the animation state machines to the current flip books, i really like how the sprites came out, and i think they look good when its been put together when making the animation, my one concern is the way a couple of them look when the sprite changes it doesn't transition very well, so im going to have to edit that in my own time when i get the chance.

In Adams lesson i have chosen to go outside and use some of the audio based equipment to record some sounds that we can use in our game, when i went outside, me and other groups were able to get sounds of someone walking and running and the sound of metal clanging, a problem that always seems to come up though is the battery life as we only were using it for a short amount of time before the battery dying, this is why we didn't get a lot of audio done.

Were in Jason lesson at the moment and are both currently working on the unreal, I've pitched the idea to Ben to create a wall jump mechanic in game as we think this would improve the play ability of the game. i am currently looking up and doing the blue print for it, as we are a group and i cant expect ben to do all the unreal functions.

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