Myself Trevor Stiver

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. -Paul Ryan

The easiest way for someone to identify who someone else is, is by comparing them to yourself and who they were in the past. The easiest way for someone to identify who they are as a person is by looking at the influences that make them who they are. Ironically even though all of us would like to believe that we are individual, if we look at these aspects then we realize that we are all the same. In the end we all have to realize that we are all part of something much bigger than ourselves, a metaphorically pawn in a game of chess. Everyone is, normal in a sense, including myself to a point that we can all be together as communities.

The easiest way for me to describe myself to you is by telling you who my father is, whom I would say is the biggest influence in my life. My father is a businessman who is also a blacksmith, and a hunter, and a guiding light, and a superhero, and every other name you could give someone who nourishes your ambition to be the most it can be. Now admittedly there are other authority figures in my life that are also important, but none of them come close to who my father is. He shows me the purpose in the action I haven't even done yet, and references the ones he doesn't know about. This is why I consider myself one of the best interpreting minds in my school. In the many years I've have loved math to death, and asked probably a million questions by now, I find my greatest success to be that I can take anything I learned and use it in a practical sense. Admittedly I struggle with my ability to retain the information I've learned, but that is something I strive for on a daily basis. This is a gift I was given at a very early age and can use when I go to a job in the future. Now this might seem like a very nice thing to have but, I am for sure that if you thought about it everyone has someone who means this much to them, or has an ability like that.

The second most influential person in my life is my older brother, whom is completely different from my father. My older brother is the one who taught me how to show compassion to someone, even when they don't need it. My older brother is a very stone hearted person and doesn't ever let his walls break down in fear of a flood. Without this skill I don't think I would have been ever able to survive school. No one at school ever shows the need for compassion, yet a lot need it. Without friends I don't think I would have ever had the sanity to survive, I on a personal level need to know that there are those around me. In a more broad everyone needs someone else or they will go insane.

The third and final most influential person in my life would be my 3rd grade teacher Mrs.Broviac. Mrs.Broviac was the most cruel and strict teacher I have ever had, she kind of imprinted me with how she was kind of uncaring. She taught me that has to worry about themselves before anyone else, a cripple doesn't help a cripple. You have to be of a sane mind to help those who aren't. Without this skill I don't think I would have ever gotten the friends I did, I somewhat pride myself on being unloveable when it comes to others emotions, and that if I wasn't the way I am then I would let other sink into the depths of their own problems. Everyone at some point has learned that without someone else to help them they will lose control emotionally or psychologically.

In conclusion I think that every person is reliant on others for their own survival. I consider myself to be a very strong willed person who will help other in need whether they realize they need help or not. I think being able to do this gives me a cutting edge in the real world.

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