A Day At The Harn Museum of Art By: Carlos Bello

Recently spent some time at the Harn Museum here on campus for this Good Life project. I had been here before but not with the mindset to really think what some of these artworks meant to me from my perspective. I honestly really appreciate all forms so it was a nice time just walking around soaking it all in. Plus, I got to see some sections of the museum that I previously ignored. Favorite assignment so far has been this one and I completed it effortlessly.

Oil on canvas has always been rather boring to me with the exception of some spectacular artworks. This particular painting (Jefferson Market Courthouse By Francis Criss, circa. 1901) spoke to me in the sense of its vibrant colors and specific organization. It appealed to the eyes how your vision just flows through the painting effortlessly. The painting gives off a distinctive sense of peace with how the streets are empty and everything is calm at the moment, its particularly satisfying to me. Seeing this artwork in person left a lasting impression on me compared to seeing it in an art history previously.
This picture was taken in an open space towards the back of the museum towards the outdoor area. The open area was great to be in, the large glass windows really gave the are a perfect lighting straight from outside. The vegetation seen from inside also gave a natural feeling to the exhibit. The running water was very calming to look at while just peering out the window. I found myself there for quite some time without even realizing. The tall ceilings and large sectioned window gave the open space some real flow without distracting from the artworks on the surrounding walls.
These are Puerto Rican paintings by Rafael Tufino depicting the production of coffee, other products, and the rich Puerto Rican culture. Coming from a Hispanic background, mainly Cuban-American, I can relate to these deep Hispanic customs depicted in these artworks. Missing home while away at college is one of the hardest things I have faced so seeing images like these that remind me of being with my family really warms my heart. Rafael did amazing job with these depicting pure emotion and deep roots. Hopefully there's some of my Cuban roots in the Harn Museum in the near future.
Buddha (Seated Buddha by Gandhara) has always been a symbol of peace and religion to me but apparently in the Buddhist religion it can mean various things. For example in the this artwork, Buddha has his palm facing outwards which is a symbol of reassurance. Devotion to one's beliefs whether it be religion or anything else is one of the purest forms of love and appreciation for life. I believe that through any avenue you choose whether it be religion or a simple pursuit of happiness, devotion to a belief is the fastest way to reach your own self fulfillment.

Introduction Page Picture: https://www.visitgainesville.com/attractions/harn-museum-of-art/

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