the dragon of krakow A polish legend


the dragon's cave

There was a small village who told of a mighty black dragon living in a cave, but three boys wanted to prove that the dragon never existed.

The dragon was found usually sleeping, and had a giant collected fortune. If you were to wake the dragon, you would turn into dinner. Those who believe they could steal from the dragon's fortune would die if they ever returned to the dragons cave. The three boys who went into that cave were never heard from again, because they woke the dragon.

The dragon has never been actually been spotted, or at least nobody lived to tell the tale. The dragon is said to be all black and spit fire. The small village was told to burn down to the ground due to how many went to the cave in search of the fortune it guarded.


Created with images by Ylvers - "styggkärret reserve burning" • Efraimstochter - "cave dragon's lair mallorca" • 705847 - "field cloud countryside"

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