Thank You Voters! Strong Schools = Strong Community

Dear Orting Voters,

Your Orting School District Board of Directors would like to take an opportunity to give our heartfelt thanks to our wonderful community. Election results were validated today, and our two-year Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy has been approved with 58.56% voting in favor and a record voter turnout. Words are insufficient to express our gratitude for voting to support our kids with the passing of the levy.

From crossing guards, recess and lunch monitors, nurses, counselors, para educators, instructional materials and extra-curricular activities, our kids will continue to have uninterrupted access to the programs and people that mean so much to them. We simply could not provide these services and opportunities at the level our students deserve without your support.

We would like to recognize all of the students, staff, families and community members who participated in advocacy efforts led by Jenny McKinney and the Citizens for Orting Schools, the businesses in town that posted signs, and countless individuals that showed support in their own creative ways. Your combined efforts made a positive impact that will be felt by every Orting student for years to come and set a strong example of what can be accomplished when a community comes together, even under difficult circumstances.

There is so much more to your vote of support than can be described in a short note of gratitude. You believe in Orting’s students – you believe in them and their future enough to say yes and your Board of Directors thanks you! We look forward to continued collaboration with you in the interest of providing the best for our students.

Orting is a unique community; it came together and rallied for the kids. As a board member, I want to say thanks for all the hard work and your vote—a small town big heart.
-Stanley Holland, Director District #2, Board President
"Orting came out in force to join the district in support of our students, families and employees. I couldn't be more grateful. Passing the levy was truly a united effort with our kids at the center. Our future is strong and inspiring thanks to the Orting community!"
-Carrie Thibodeaux, Director District #3, Vice President and WIAA Representative
When we were all out there waving signs it felt like we were a team. When we had a great voter turn out I felt like we were a team. When the community said yes to the levy, I knew we were a team here to win a future for our children and our community.
-Kathy Madigan, Director District #4
As a board member, I am encouraged by the record voter turnout. We know that the decision that was made was made by the most citizens that we've ever had participate in the election.
George Kinniburgh, Director District #1
Thank you Orting! Because of your support, their future is brighter - our village strengthened. With so much gratitude, I Thank You!
Melissa Kinzler, Director District #5, Legislative Representative
Transportation Staff arrange OSD buses to say THANK YOU!