Hawksbill turtle endangered species -By: anna cason

these specific turtles have a narrow, pointed beak. their shell has a distinctive pattern of overlapping scales. It lives mainly throughout the worlds tropical oceans in coral reefs. It eats sponges sea anemones, and jellyfish.

commonly found fishers and and hunters are greatly impacting the turtle's population by catching them, killing them, and selling their shells illegally. This is also impacting the ocean environment, because as the number of turtles decrease, the number of its prey will increase. this is causing an overwhelming amount of other sea life to grow, which then effects the amount of food available and so on, causing other animals to die out.

fisherman have an especially large impact on the Hawksbill turtle's lifestyle. the sea turtles need to come up to the surface in order to breath, which is when they get caught in fishing hooks and nets. this is causing their lifestyle to try and change so they can try and avoid getting caught and drowning.

right now we are making turtle friendly fishing hook and nets that will exclude the turtles. we are requiring that these special hooks and nets must be required when fishing in areas where these turtles are found. we are tracking the turtle movements during migration to require these features in other areas where the species is as well.

in conclusion, it is very important to save this species, because they help to maintain the coral reefs in our tropical oceans and remove prey such as sponges, providing better access to feeding fish. if we don't do something soon, a large part of the tropical oceans will fall apart, causing more animals to be endangered and then soon after extinct. what we can do to help is donate money to the national wildlife foundation which is put forward for turtle safe hooks and nets being made. next time you go fishing, think of the Hawksbill turtle.


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