Liverpool regeneration Maeve o'hanlon

Why was regeneration needed?

Liverpool was very run down with loads of empty buildings which makes the city look very run down and not attractive to visitors

parts of Liverpool that are run down
run down buildings in Liverpool

industrial pollution in Liverpool really effected the city as lots of people no longer wanted to come and see the city. many people also wanted to move out of the city because the industrial pollution had got that bad

industrial pollution in Liverpool

the doughnut effect had major impacted on Liverpool city centre, Liverpool was famous for many things like its docks, two successful premiership football clubs, the Grand National at Aintree. soon people stopped coming to Liverpool as it was getting extremely run down and without people coming they were losing a lot of money

Liverpool's famous docks was also stopped being used and the river didn't have the same use of travel which also meant Liverpool was losing a lot of money. Liverpool used to be associated with gain milling and soap making but now engineering, chemicals and petroleum refining are more important

The planned changes in Liverpool

The changes that are being made in Liverpool are big here are some examples

Kings waterfront Liverpool
Princes docks Liverpool

These are all places that were run down and have been done up and now are very eye catching and attractive

Green space

There is a lot of green space in Liverpool

Green space is also attractive and tends to bring a lot of visitors to the city which will help take more money into the city to make it bigger and better

Some examples of green space in Liverpool

Public transport

There are lots of new better public transport in Liverpool such as

  • New cycling routes
  • Better roads
  • Parking
  • Mersey tram
  • Pedestrianised areas
This is a mersey tram in Liverpool

Above is the Mersey tram in Liverpool, below is the map of where the Mersey tram travels in Liverpool

Cycle lanes Liverpool


People will return to Liverpool now as it has been done up and is now looking more eye catching, fun and exciting to visit for a weekend get away or maybe even a school trip. Liverpool has put a lot of money into making the town more attractive and hopefully it will now up its population to what it was before it started to get run down


Liverpool has a good history with many famous people coming from it such as the Beatles. Liverpool was also famous for its fabulous docks


Liverpool may have lost a lot of money on the prices of houses because it got as run down but hopefully now it has been giving a face lift it will increase the prices of house

I also think the community spirt will be lifted with all the work that has went on as it is now a more attractive city and clean

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